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Event Organizer Checklist: Facilitate Networking with People Matching At Your Event

An individual's motivation for attending an event or conference can be anything from gaining insight to meeting new people. If a goal of your event is to facilitate networking between attendees there's lots of things you can do as an event organizer to help.

People Matching enables event attendees to select 2 interests from a list that best describe them. In this example, I'll select Content Marketing and Email as those are my responsibilities at DoubleDutch.

Once I've selected my interests and tap "Done", I'll be taken to a list of other attendees who share similar interests. From here I can browse profiles and add users to my Friends. Enabling me to make the connections I need to make my event experience worthwhile.

How can you use People Matching to facilitate networking?

Global Push Notifications.

1. Remind attendees to take advantage of networking opportunities by filling out their profiles and selecting interests.

2. Send targeted messages to attendee segments based on interest. For instance, you could send me a reminder about a panel on Email Marketing Best Practices.

Encourage Interest Group Networking

1. Host mini-meetups during your event tailored to interest groups.

2. Leveraging things like Global Push Notifications or announcements during to let attendees know where they can meet others with shared interests.

By setting gentle reminders and educating attendees on how they can get the most out of the event app, you not only better their in-app experience, you help them have a better time at your event. Meaning they're more likely to return.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | October 25, 2012

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