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Five Ingredients in the Most “Savory” Mobile Event Apps

(Part Three in the DoubleDutch Thanksgiving Series: An Extra Helping of Goodness for Event Planners)

Today’s marketers are becoming increasingly savvy in tapping mobile event apps to target the right prospects with the right offer at the right time thanks to the powerful combination of location, social and mobile access.

Consider the raw potential of mobile apps geared to deepen the connection for an already interested audience at an industry, corporate or internal event. It’s ripe with opportunity!

If you’re looking to add the easy access and insight from mobile event apps to your 2016 event plans, be sure to sharpen your search to include a cross section of powerful foundational ingredients to ensure you dish out the best experience possible. Here are five ideas you don’t want to skimp on:

1. Efficiency. Personalize the User Experience with the Agenda Builder

In the era of predicted-to-order movies from Netflix and all manner of consumer goods recommendations from Amazon, event attendees expect to be able to personalize their event experience too. Key to a mobile event app is the ability to easily build a tailor-fit agenda that is not only available at a glance, but which also syncs with the phone’s native calendar app to ensure enable session reminders and keep attendees on track.

2. Fun. Ignite Interaction with Gamification

Checking into sessions, sharing ideas, and connecting the app can be a powerful incentive for attendees at your events. Moreover, it turns responsible business practice into a high visibility game where the “winners” collect not only attention from their peers, but also earn points and badges (and potentially prizes) for engaging more fully in the event.

Great for the attendees and sponsors alike to drive more insight and buzz!

3. Live Polling. Crowd-Source What’s Trending

Speakers and presenters can create a much better level of engagement (and context) by conducting live polls during their presentations directly through your mobile event app. It’s not only a more quantitative capture of the audience than the old school “show of hands,” but that data can be utilized to shape their presentations and is shown to increase app engagement by 22%

4. Real-Time Actionable Insights. See the speakers, sessions and topics driving buzz.

The event performance dashboard can synthesize up to the minute insight on the people and content getting the best results. This is great context for future event planning, but is even more powerful by allowing meeting planners to be nimble and impact the experience in-the-moment rather than after-the-fact. Consider how you’ll use this information to host “encore” or recap sessions from the hottest content while still you still have everyone’s attention.

5. Offline Mode: Your “Whoops! Where’s the Wi-Fi?” Backup

Every great planner has a backup plan for the myriad of surprises that can throw off even the most comprehensive strategy. Similarly, a great event app should come with its own backup: the ability to capture and save the more pivotal information to access in the instance the venue WiFi goes down.

Don’t take a chance that your next event — regardless of the topic — will be bland. With a mobile event app that covers these five ingredients, you are bound to deliver a more memorable, engaging session that you and your attendees will savor.

If you want to learn even more ways to benefit from a mobile event app at your next function, check out the DoubleDutch Mobile Event Apps for Dummies.

What is on your “must have” list for an event app? We’re all ears!

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 18, 2015

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