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Four Mobile Event App Benefits Your Trade Show Sponsors Will Be Thankful For


(Part One in the DoubleDutch Thanksgiving Series: An Extra Helping of Goodness for Event Planners)

With Thanksgiving — and annual budget planning — around the corner, it’s a good time to remember who butters your proverbial bread when it comes to shouldering the bulk of your event marketing costs. If you want to ensure you help defend their spend in your 2016 events planning, now is the time give your sponsors and exhibitors new reasons to be thankful.

If you add a mobile event app for each show, here are four upsides that will have them reaching for the butter knife:

  1. No More Squinting at Name Tags. Imagine their relief at the opportunity to review the attendee profiles (and pictures!), look at their online activity during the event, then connect with an @mention or direct message to meet leads and prospects at your events. No more frantic searches for all the folks with red dots on their badges in a sea of people.

  2. Build Buzz Beyond the Booth. With a mobile event app, your sponsors are no longer shackled to their booth trying to raffle the biggest prize on the show floor to lure prospects. Now they can leverage in-app promoted posts and push notifications to share discount codes, demo links, and more to get their booth buzzing.

  3. Retrieve and Qualify Leads Seamlessly. Say goodbye to swapping business cards and renting lead scanners. Sponsors can scan attendee badges, qualify leads on-the-spot, and take notes right from your mobile event app. Then they can instantly download their list of leads for a personalized follow up. Boom!

  4. Get a Deeper View on ROI.  You can give sponsors an insider’s view at who might have expressed interest in their product or service, but didn’t make it to the booth using the event performance dashboard. Show them who bookmarked them, checked into their session, and otherwise indicated interest in what experts believe is about 60% of the fact-finding research customers do before taking a first meeting.

If you want to learn even more reasons your event partners and sponsors can benefit from a mobile event app at your next function, check out Mobile Event Apps For Dummies.

What makes you thankful about planning trade shows? We’d love to know.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 12, 2015

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