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From Hack Day to Game Day

A complete visualization of all your event app activity to further drive mobile engagement.

Once a month, the DoubleDutch team takes a “Hack Day” to work on personal projects and developing concepts. The whole company is encouraged to contribute their ideas, coding or design skills to build something that will positively impact our product or workplace.

“Project Game Day” is a feature that started as a Hack Day project and has since made its way into our event app platform. DoubleDutch Web Designer Chad Bercea, Web Developer Henry Netzer and CTO Nicholas Clark collaborated to produce a “big screen” display of real-time social activity from within a DoubleDutch event application. The goal was to give organizers an eye-catching, promotional tool to drive awareness and downloads for their event app during their event, conference or tradeshow.

Game Day officially launched last month and has received extremely positive responses from organizers and attendees alike. If you’d like to amp up engagement at your next event, holler at a DoubleDutch-er and ask how you can leverage innovative features like Game Day to increase attendee awareness and usage of your app.

Game Day Features: 


The ticker continuously runs across the top of the screen, displaying upcoming sessions and promoted messages that also appear in the app’s activity feed.


Game Day cycles through three different visualizations. First up is “Activity”, which displays recent check ins from the app. Next is “Photos” which rotates through recent photos that have been posted. Last is the “Leaderboard” which shows an animation of leading attendees' scores as they change over time.

Download Instructions

To drive downloads of your app, Game Day also features a prominent call to action encouraging attendees to send an SMS text to our short code. We’ll return a text with a URL that takes attendees directly to the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

To find out more about DoubleDutch event applications, let's get in touch!

By DoubleDutch Insider | October 9, 2013

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