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How to Generate Massive Sponsor ROI With Event Technology

How to Generate Massive Sponsor ROI With Event Technology

Sponsors and exhibitors play a pivotal role in the revenue that drives events. In order to retain and grow that revenue, your ability to assist your sponsors in demonstrating the value of their continued partnership is critical.

It can be a challenging assignment. Nearly a quarter of event sponsors want a better way to measure the ROI of attending events. And all sponsors and exhibitors would benefit from increasing their return, even if they’ve mastered the art of measuring ROI.

Best-in-class event technology can help your sponsors and exhibitors measure and boost their event performance by providing concrete information on the real return on their investment.

Here’s how you can enable your sponsors to create a digital presence, promote lead generation, and determine ROI:

Shine a Digital Spotlight on Your Sponsors and Exhibitors

Your sponsors and exhibitors attend events to cultivate relationships, increase brand awareness, and generate sales. A Live Engagement App provides a digital tool—connecting your partners with attendees who can easily access information from anywhere, anytime. By creating a digital presence within the app, sponsors accelerate their ability to meet potential prospects, customers, or partners.

  • Create in-app profiles. Ensure sponsors and exhibitors have a digital profile within the app. Sponsors and exhibitors can showcase company information, social media profiles, booth staff members, collateral, and logos. A digital profile allows attendees to become familiar with an exhibitor’s company, products and team, enabling a more engaging conversation at the booth.
  • Build an interactive map. Creating an interactive map gives attendees the ability to easily locate sponsors and exhibitors during the event. Directly from the in-app map, attendees can click through to each corresponding profile where they can learn more about the companies, which team members are staffing the booth, and schedule meetings.

Help Sponsors and Exhibitors Engage with the Right Prospects

Engaging strong prospects and maintaining existing relationships are key priorities for your event’s sponsors and exhibitors. Events are one of the best ways to create a meaningful one-on-one interaction with a prospect or customer. DoubleDutch allows your partners to maximize the time they spend at your event by helping them connect with key attendees.

  • Make it personal. Exhibitors can focus their event outreach strategy by searching the list of event goers and identifying who their target prospects and customers are. After they’ve narrowed their focus, they can identify who they want to contact and request meetings with, directly from within the app.
  • Build targeted campaigns. Exhibitors and sponsors can create targeted campaigns that appear within the activity feeds of their priority attendees. The campaign can include special offers, discounts, or meeting requests for those targeted attendees to encourage them to go to the booth during the event or schedule a one-on-one meeting.
  • Capture leads. Finally, exhibitors and sponsors can use in-app lead scanning to capture the names and contact information of people who visit their booths, allowing them to follow up their conversations at the event.

Track Brand Sentiment in Real Time

Sponsors and exhibitors are able to keep tabs on leads and sales, but they don’t have visibility into the overall attitude toward their brand at the event. This sentiment is fundamental to their strategy. In-app surveys and attendee reviews can allow them to gauge opinion of their brand and its products or services.

  • Encourage ratings. Allow your attendees to provide reviews of exhibitor or sponsor profiles that they bookmark. The rating involves a quick, five-star scale that provides your exhibitors and sponsors with an instant snapshot of attendee sentiment.
  • Collect information. Before the event, create an in-app survey that gathers useful attendee information for your exhibitors and sponsors. Consider including demographic information, industry products they use, job responsibilities, and the services they want to learn more about during the event. Then, you can share the survey results so that your partners can have more meaningful conversations with attendees during their meetings.
  • Embrace polls. Use polls to quickly gather data about your attendees. Similar to surveys, these polls ask a single question during the event that’s quick and fun for your attendees to answer, and that help your exhibitors and sponsors gauge the room. For example, try a broad prompt like  “I have used _____ products to assist me with my job responsibilities,” or “I’d benefit most from meeting people who are experts in  ______ industry.” If they’re logged into the app, your exhibitors and sponsors can monitor the responses in real time so that they can adjust their strategy accordingly.

The Takeaway

Your sponsors and exhibitors come to your event loaded with responsibilities—building relationships, increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales.

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform can help sponsors and exhibitors increase their event performance, develop strong prospects, and engage with current clients. It allows them to collect detailed data insights that will measurably improve their impact. They’ll have more opportunity for gathering data, lead generation, and interaction with clients, prospects, and partners, and be able to generate rock-solid proof of the value of investing in your event.

The tools within the DoubleDutch platform are the keys to retaining and generating your sponsor and exhibitor revenue.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 12 October, 2016

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