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A Day in the Life Series - Meet Grace Low

A Day in the Life Series - Meet Grace Low

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the fast paced world of tech? You’re in luck. Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to members of the DoubleDutch team around the world. Every day brings something new, exciting, and sometimes challenging. With offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and a handful of fully remote employees, it’s safe to say each day presents a unique and rewarding set of moving targets.

Meet Grace Low

Title: Customer Experience Manager (CEM)
Location: Amsterdam
DoubleDutch Tenure: Just shy of 1 year

Your time at DoubleDutch so far

I joined DoubleDutch in October 2016. I moved to Amsterdam from sunny* Scotland and began as an SDR, but transitioned to Customer Experience in March of this year out of my desire to form closer relationships with our customers and to be more ‘hands on’ with our amazing product. As I reflect on my 1st year, I can say that I am loving my time at DoubleDutch.

Typical day

Unfortunately I must resort to using a cliché to describe my role: every day is different. My responsibilities include conducting calls with clients (everything from onboarding, training, project management, debriefs and all the in-betweens), online support, testing and fixing bugs, setting up/testing/diagnosing API integrations, conferring with my colleagues on how to strategically support our customers, keeping abreast of our product developments as well as keeping our customers up-to-date.

There is a seasonality to my role, but that’s just the start. The frequency and duration of these tasks depends on the season and time of year, i.e. peak event season between March-May and September-November things can be pretty busy, but the days fly by.

What you love

I get a great deal of satisfaction from solving problems and advising our customers on how best to utilise our technology, as well as playing a role in their success. I really enjoy learning about our product developments and the space into which our company is evolving. I’m blessed to work with amazing colleagues whom I learn from and develop with everyday.

What challenges you?

At times I get frustrated, sure. These times tend to be when I can’t untangle an issue (luckily we have a fantastic engineering team who help me out with that!).

What energizes you?

I can feel stifled when I sit at my desk too long, so I am taking to adopting the pomodoro technique to maintain focus and maximise productivity. Plus, it is incredibly refreshing to clear my head with a quick walk during lunchtime.

Proudest accomplishment so far?

My proudest moment at DoubleDutch was being recognized at our company All Hands meeting for the R2D2 Award (for employees that exemplify company core values). Every week we are asked to nominate someone who has excelled and one week I was so shocked to see my name on the screen! I had dialed in from home and my face turned bright red as a beetroot, but once that initial embarrassment subsided, I was delighted that a mysterious colleague wanted to acknowledge my contribution to the company. Furthermore, working at DoubleDutch has provided me immense insight into the world of tech, the 21st century experience of working in a startup. Everything moves quickly and it is such an awakening as well as a steep learning curve, to be in this environment. 

By Grace Low | August 15, 2017

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