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Have Peace of Mind With Safety Check

Every event that DoubleDutch powers has different goals – educating employees, engaging with clients, learning with peers, and the list goes on. While events may have different goals, all events prioritize the safety and security of attendees, which is why we are excited to announce our new Safety Check feature.

How to Install Safety Check

If there ever is a situation where an event organizer needs to verify that attendees are safe, Safety Check allows them to do exactly that. To enable Safety Check first navigate to the "Discover More" tab in the Content Management System (CMS) to view and install all of the latest feature releases. Click on the "Learn More" button to install the new section into your app. After Safety Check is installed in the CMS, it can be activated with a single click in the event of an emergency.

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How to Mark Yourself Safe

Check In@2x.png

Once activated, attendees will see the Safety Check section in the menu, and they can quickly mark themselves as safe or not in the area.

As attendees select their status, the event organizer is able to see a list for each status – not checked in, safe, not in the area – in the CMS. The event organizer can then send a push message and/or a promoted post encouraging attendees to check in right from the Safety Check page. 

When the situation has been resolved, organizers are able to quickly switch Safety Check off and export the three lists to quickly distribute the information. Safety Check is a feature that we hope our clients never have to use, however, we feel it is an important capability to assure event organizers the attendee’s safety is known.






For more information on how to set up and use Safety Check:

Learn How To Use Safety Check   

Safety Check is one of the many free features built on the DoubleDutch Developer Platform and is accessible on app version 7.15 or greater. Do you have a great idea to bring the power of the digital world to physical events? Build an extension with the DoubleDutch Development Kit or reach out with any questions!


By Will Munce | 15 March, 2018

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