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How to Create A Digital Passport Program For Your Event Using QR Codes

What is a Passport Program?

A passport program is a creative and cost effective way to drive attendee traffic to exhibitor booths, and can also be used to sell additional sponsorships for your event. Passport programs are an increasingly popular and effective way for event organizers to help exhibitors increase event ROI.

How Does A Passport Program Work?

In the old days, attendees were handed a paper “passport” along with registration materials or upon entering the expo hall. The goal is to earn stamps on their passport to be entered in a prize drawing. Some event organizers require attendees to collect stamps from all participating vendors. Others offer separate prizes sponsored by vendors for completing a "bingo". The possibilities are really endless.

Organizers often limit participation in the passport program to high-level sponsors, or may charge a premium to be involved.

In order to earn stamps, attendees must visit participating exhibitor booths and listen to a short demo or sales pitch. The exhibitor then stamps their passport and the attendee goes on to the next participating sponsor. Towards the end of the event, attendees can hand in their stamped passports to be considered for a prize draw.

Today, smartphones are making the Passport Program much simpler for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.


The Advantages Of A Digital Passport Program

Mobile event applications are combining the capabilities of smartphones with engaging social features to help organizers create Digital Passport Programs using QR Codes. QR Codes are 2D barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone camera.

As opposed to paper Passport Programs, entries for a Digital Passport Program can be collected and monitored in real-time, in your content management system. Attendees don’t need to worry about losing a piece of paper, exhibitors gain more lasting exposure in your event application and organizers save money (and trees) by not printing paper or creating stamps for each participating vendor.


How to Create a Digital Passport Program

Creating a Digital Passport Program in your mobile event application is easy. Participating vendors are provided with a unique QR code to place at their booth. Instead of collecting stamps on a paper card, attendees use the QR code reader built into the event app to scan the QR code. Automatically checking them into that exhibitor booth. Attendees can earn virtual badges as they go along, and a special badge once they've completed the Digital Passport Program.

Event managers can also use promotional tactics like Push Notifications and Promoted Messages to remind attendees to check into participating exhibitors to partake in the Digital Passport Program.

Digital Passport Programs are just one of the forward-thinking features we offer at DoubleDutch. If you're looking for new and exciting ways to engage attendees, offer more value to exhibitors and generate more buzz, let's get in touch.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 7 March, 2012

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