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HTML5 Is Here!

Today we are proud to launch a major addition to the DoubleDutch platform that will allow clients to reach significantly more end users. In addition to our iPhone app option (example app iTunes link) and powerful analytics, our HTML5 app joins the family. It is available at on your mobile browser, but before we get ahead of ourselves here is a little of what the HTML5 platform brings to the table:

Multi-platform support

HTML5 not only expands the reach of your geosocial application, it creates a consistent interface and experience across various devices. Anyone running Android 2.1 or later, recent BlackBerry devices like the Torch, and any iPhone 3.0 or later can run the DoubleDutch HTML5 platform, and run it extremely well.

Skip the app store

Because the application runs uses the device's browser, there is no need to involve the app stores. This means no more waiting for application approval with no idea of its release day, as we make the changes on our server and BAM! it's live. This includes look and feel, custom geodata, and of course game mechanics.

Native feel

Our engineers have devoted a lot of time to researching and testing the limits of HTML5 in order to create an application that runs through the browser, but looks and feels like a native application. It's just as powerful as our native platforms, but provides cross-device consistency to allow the user to choose the experience they want the most.


We have the need. The need for speed. Sparing the technical details, our engineers built HTML5 to perform as fast as any geosocial application, and it came out faster. On 3G, indoors, we are consistently running sub-12 second check in times. On wi-fi, fuggedaboudit: sub-7 seconds. If your eyes are watering, slow down and write a note shout and check to which social networks you want to share.

Customization options

Our platform is designed to strengthen your brand and/or community. Therefore, HTML5 offers all of the same customization options and features that any of our native devices do. From design and branding to custom game mechanics and location data, it's all ready to plug in and get you the best geosocial application for your community.

By DoubleDutch Insider | September 14, 2010

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