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iBeacon and BlueTooth LE: The future of contextual events

The tech industry is abuzz with talk of beacon technology, which utilizes Bluetooth connections to communicate messages between smartphones or tablets. Most of the threads you'll find online talk about how beacon technology will change the way we shop... until now.

Today, DoubleDutch is thrilled to announce two new features are available in the award-winning event application that utilize iBeacon and BlueTooth LE location-based technology. The first to bring a truly data-driven app for conferences, DoubleDutch is leading the way yet again as the first technology provider to integrate iBeacon into native applications for events.

"Head Count" offers organizers a better way to measure attendance at sessions by automating attendee check-in, reducing friction for attendees, and replacing costly badge scanners.

"Network Nearby" allows attendees to see when someone they follow in the event app is nearby, facilitating serendipitous, real life connections during the event.

Both features further DoubleDutch's mission to provide event applications that improve the quality of in-person events, and help maximize ROI for attendees and organizers alike.

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To read the full release, click here.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 12 February, 2014

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