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IMG Academies "Teams Up" with DoubleDutch

Today, DoubleDutch announces the launch of our latest app, IMG Go! in conjunction with IMG Academies. This app that launched just this morning, is a unique use of our technology and very worth reviewing.

Set over 400 pristine acres in Bradenton, Florida, IMG Academies features programs throughout the year for tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse and more. Options include a weekend's worth of lessons, one week, multiple weeks, or an entire summer of athletic advancement with some of the industry's top coaches and trainers. Since their start, IMG Academies' trained athletes have won 131 All Stars, 63 MVP Awards, 22 World Championships, 5 National Titles, 2 Heisman Trophies, 889 Tournaments, 107 Major Championships and 11 Olympic Medals.


About the App

Since the app is closed to any non-IMG students, users are required to use their designated log-in credentials to access the app. This makes the app private only to IMG Academy students. In addition to the standard micro-apps like Profile, Friends, Leaderboard, and News Feed, here are some other app functionalities.

IMG Go! is available on iPhone, Android, and HTML5.

  • Check-In: Users can check-in to a sport, activity, event and/or place. They can also add a comment, a photo, or push these updates to Faceboook and Twitter
  • Activities: IMG chose to embed an activities calendar they had already created into the Activities microapp, for students to access quickly and easily
  • Events: A list of pre-populated events that students can RSVP to with a single tap, from within the app
  • Trophies: This is their word for "badges". Appropriate, no?
  • Campus Map: An embedded image of their campus that displays fields, buildings, and more
  • YouTube: The IMG Academies YouTube channel is elevated here, and students can watch videos from directly within the app
  • Blog: IMG blog content featured in-app


App Promotion

The IMG Academy has promoted the apps throughout their Checkin Weekend, where there is a dedicated app booth. They trained a team of students on the different app functionalities and those students are now in charge of paving the way for the others. After the weekend is over and we have photos from the event, we will share their promotional tactics for other clients to learn from.


This isn't the first time DoubleDutch has worked with an academic institution (we have apps across all platforms for Spark (Arizona State University). However, this certainly is a very special type of school and a unique opportunity for DoubleDutch. The students are not only athletically gifted, but they are also of a very tech-savvy generation. These youngsters have used mobile phones from an early age, and we expect to see high usage.

These students will be able to connect around their similar experiences, through structured status updates. They will have all relevant information regarding classes, maps, and schedules easily accessible at all times. Sounds great to us!

By DoubleDutch Insider | 26 August, 2011

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