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Important Apple Update Regarding White Label Apps

Important Apple Update Regarding White Label Apps


*** UPDATE - 10/6/2017 ***

There has been a significant development in Apple’s position on white label event apps that should benefit DoubleDutch customers. Specifically, Apple has indicated that they will grandfather all DoubleDutch powered apps that are in the App Store by 12/31/17, thus protecting the white label event app model for existing DoubleDutch customers. They have also given us guidance on how we should handle new apps in 2018 and beyond.

Please reach out to your DoubleDutch account rep, or me personally ( for the details.

DoubleDutch remains committed to working within approved Apple guidelines to provide our customers the best mobile event application experience. We will continue to keep you updated if there are additional developments.


Please click through for the original article on this topic.

By Lawrence Coburn | 6 October, 2017

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