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Increase Session Engagement With Live Q&A (2.0 Now Available)

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It’s no secret that making sessions interactive helps to increase engagement among event attendees. One tried and true method for allowing interaction is through question and answer sessions. 

While Q&A is great at giving attendees a chance to voice their curiosities, we’ve all been in sessions where more time is spent passing around the microphone than actually asking and answering questions. Sessions typically have time constraints, and often the Q&A portion is limited to one question. If that one question asked is only relevant to the asker, then it doesn't provide as much value to all session attendees.


To help solve these problems, we’re excited to launch Live Q&A! 

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Live Q&A gives your speakers and attendees the ability to digitize Q&A sessions within the DoubleDutch Event App.

When your attendees arrive at a specific session, they can access a live Q&A feed. During the session, attendees can ask specific questions to the speaker, keep tabs of all questions being submitted by others in the room, and even up vote which questions they want the speaker to answer first.

For session speakers, all questions, ranked by popularity, are organized and ready to go right when their presentation finishes and accessible from their mobile device.

Of course not every question that’s submitted will be appropriate or relevant in its original form. That’s where the moderator dashboard comes in handy. Located in the “event day” section within your account, you have the option to assign a moderator to who will be the middleman between questions asked by the attendees and what actually appears in the app.

As a moderator you can approve or block questions that are submitted as well as arrange questions in the order in which they should be answered by the speaker.



Questions can be moderated on an individual session basis or for all sessions as a whole, allowing a single person to moderate all Q&A sessions throughout an entire event. To add Live Q&A to your next event visit the the “Discover More” tab within your account and make sure your apps are updated to the latest version (7.16).

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Release Notes 6/29/18

We've made some updates and improvements to Live Q&A! The release of Live Q&A 2.0 adds more functionality for organizers, and an even better user experience for attendees.

Live Q&A 2.0 now includes:

  • An organizer moderation module
  • Ability for organizers to disable anonymous questions
  • Ability for organizer to export lists of submitted questions
  • Ability for organizer to reorder and pin questions submitted
  • Ability for organizer to archive Q&A sessions
  • New "GameDay" view for session question display on large screens
  • Updated functionality for Q&A session search
  • Updated tooltips  
  • Updated User Interface


For more information on how you can use Live Q&A: 

Learn How to Set-Up Live Q&A

Live Q&A is one of the many free features built on our developer platform. Do you have a great idea to bring the power of the digital world to physical events? Build an extension with the DoubleDutch Development Kit or reach out with questions!

By Will Munce | 6 March, 2018

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