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Introducing: Advanced Surveys


Today we released new survey capabilities aimed at improving the way organizers collect information, insights, and feedback from event attendees.  

Real-time response and integrated test taking has become an essential part of personalizing and improving event experiences. With Advanced Surveys, we’ve expanded upon our existing survey functionality through a separate extension - this includes a more robust set of ways for organizers to collect real-time responses within their event apps from attendees, exhibitors, and event stakeholders.

AS - Survey

Advanced Surveys uses the SurveyJS library to offer a wider range of ways to deliver questions, and more flexibility in how attendees can respond. Extension features include:

  • A drag and drop survey builder
  • Higher character limits for both questions and answers
  • Preview and survey testing before publishing capability
  • More options and formats for questions and answers, including images, rating scales, drop downs, and multi-select
  • Ability to designate questions as required and non-required
  • Conditional questions and logic
  • The ability to build and offer surveys in multiple languages
  • Ability to set time limits

This extension was a direct result of customer feedback and requests. The new functionality allows organizers to get the right insights, in the most effective ways.  

To learn more about Advanced Surveys, and how to add the extension to your app visit our support article.

Note: By adding Advanced Surveys you will not lose access to our prior “Survey” functionality in the Event CMS and are free to continue using the pre-existing survey feature in addition to Advanced Surveys. No survey setups or data will be lost or affected by this expansion of functionality.
By Eddie Stamps | 9 November, 2018

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