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Introducing Code of Conduct


Your event app is an important asset for attendee engagement and networking. But, what if it could also create a safer environment for your attendees?

That’s what our new feature, Code of Conduct, is all about. We wanted to help organizers facilitate safer events and hold attendees accountable for violations to their events’ specified code of conduct.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Organizers can set a “code of conduct” specific to their events' needs. If the event does not have a code of conduct, organizers can use our templated option. The event code of conduct should detail any behaviors that will not be tolerated at your event and act as a guideline for how attendees should conduct themselves.  

  2. When attendees log into the app and access the event for the first time, they will be prompted to read the code of conduct and accept those conditions.

  3. Attendees can report violations in-app through the Code of Conduct section either with their name and contact information or anonymously. They will be asked to provide details about the violation.

  4. Organizers can designate “trusted persons” to help moderate and resolve any violations or issues that arise. This also provides attendees with names and contact information for a trusted person that they can reach with their concerns.

 Example Code of Conduct Phones

This feature puts more responsibility on the attendee for their actions and behaviors at your event. By surfacing the code of conduct in the event app, organizers are able to maintain transparency with their expectations and facilitate safer environments.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the attendee experience. Attendee comfort and safety at your events are priorities for you, and we’re in it together to help you ensure that you meet those goals. 

Want to learn more about implementing Code of Conduct? Visit our support article to find out how.

* Requires app version 8.1 or later

By Kayla Tarantino | 23 October, 2018

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