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Introducing Geofencing for Events

Although we’re a humble bunch, we tend to get a little boastful when talking about our mobile event app. We’re proud that our event apps run natively across all major mobile operating systems and are powered by a single dashboard / analytics panel. We’re also proud of the rich set of features we offer our event clients: things like LinkedIn integration, QR codes, on the fly personalized scheduling, speaker and sponsor bios, scavenger hunts, customizable badges, and much more.

Most of all, we’re proud of our incredible, forward-looking customers that have chosen to rethink what a mobile event app should be capable of: companies like Cisco, HP, Adobe, Amdocs, BIA / Kelsey, TED, and many more.

Today, our mobile event offering just got stronger.

We’re pleased to announce that DoubleDutch event apps now support geofencing - specifically, the ability to automatically check users in to a particular venue based on a set of coordinates, and deliver push notifications based on certain location-based rules.

Here are some things that conference organizers can now do with this new geofencing functionality:

- Allow conference attendees to automatically “check-in” once they enter a certain physical space

- Deliver a welcome message to any conference attendee entering the conference venue

- Associate coupons or discount codes with specific locations, and set them for automatic delivery

These are just a couple of ideas around what is possible. As usual, we expect our event clients to continue push the envelope in various use cases for the DoubleDutch event apps.

By Lawrence Coburn | 1 June, 2011

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