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Lost & Found: Reuniting Attendees with Lost Items, Faster

Imagine this scenario: you’re in a session, engaged with speaker and the content she’s sharing when the session ends and you’re out the door on to the next item on your agenda. When you arrive at your session, you reach for your bag to grab your laptop only to realize your bag isn’t there.

We’ve all been there, right? So engrossed in what’s going on at the event that we misplace something and then embark on the frantic search to find it. Luckily for your attendees, there’s now a solution when that happens, the new Lost & Found extension.

Lost & Found allows attendees to:

  • Post listing that they have found an item, along with some additional information like where the item was found.
  • Post listing that they've lost an item, along with details of where it may have been misplaced.
  • View all listings so they can match their lost/found listings, contact each other, and find a time and place to make the exchange.

As an event organizer, you can even designate an official Lost & Found location, like the registration desk for example. The official location will appear at the top of the Lost & Found extension in the mobile app, so attendees know where they can return found items.

The Lost & Found extension is available for download in the Discover More section right now, so give it and ensure your attendees leave your event with everything they came with! 

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By Kayla Tarantino | 7 August, 2018

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