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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Data: How to Amplify Your Annual Team Meetings With Data

(Part Four in the DoubleDutch Thanksgiving Series: An Extra Helping of Goodness for Event Planners)

There’s nothing more powerful to your bottom line than rallying your team around a sales kickoff, leadership summit, or off-site meeting to connect the best people and ideas and energize your organization. But, as the person responsible for the success of the meeting, how do you meaningfully measure success?

If you’re feeling that counting “butts in seats” or half-hearted session ratings scribbled on a handout sheet (only after the boss makes people do it) or reviewing a hefty bar bill and lots of colorful day-after sing-along stories still leaves you left out in the cold for REAL event insight, you are not alone.

A mobile networking app for your event is the perfect way to capture engagement metrics in your next internal meeting. Event apps have a unique ability to look far deeper at the layers that make a fantastic event experience and the best event apps can help you understand and demonstrate precisely what content, conversations and connections are capturing the hearts and minds of your team.

Kind of like Pixar’s Inside Out that takes you on a guided tour of the interplay of emotions, a good mobile event app gives you an inside view at how your team is feeling about the event experience — and not just the vegetarian breakfast options or main stage session feedback.

Here are few ways event planners can get insights that drive much more joy and mitigate their fear of attendee disgust, CFO budget anger or cast sadness on the creative event process:

1.     Build Team Connection: Within a mobile event app, teammates can post ideas about what they’re learning, share strategies for success, and like, comment and interact with each other throughout the event — right from their mobile devices. Not only is this continuous learning great for morale, it also makes the content on stage, become meaningful context: rich with insights in real-time, making the learning more impactful.

2.     Enable Digital Note-Taking, in Context:  As cool as your new branded notebooks are, we all know that once they’re filled that information jotted down in an offsite session will likely get lost in the flotsam and jetsam of business priorities back in the office.

A mobile event app provides a central location for note taking, right in line with the session overview (and access to presentations and training materials) so that when ideas are sparked in a session, they can be captured right away and not only referenced by that individual later, they can also be shared with the team.

3.     Understand Who is Engaged and Who is Checked Out: With an app, you can see the activity of your event participants: who posted ideas, who liked other content, who attended which sessions to see who is getting the most out of your event…and conversely, who isn’t. No need to scan the room for the tell-tale head bobs of those nodding off to a nap, or to chase the folks perpetually leaving for a phone call. The app can connect in-app participation with engagement for you. This turns your event analysis from attendance to intelligence on what is working for which people.

How are you measuring internal event impact today? We’d love to know.

If you want to learn even more ways to benefit from a mobile networking app at your next event, check out the DoubleDutch Mobile Event Apps for Dummies.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 22, 2015

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