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Spark Attendee Conversations with Knowledge Share

It's no secret that many people attend events to gain valuable insights into trending topics in their industries. But, attendees are not just looking to absorb content presented to them by speakers and event organizers; that's only half of the equation. The second part to creating an educational experience is allowing attendees to make meaningful connections with peers and discuss topics they'd like to learn more about.  That's exactly why we created Knowledge Share. 

About Knowledge Share

Knowledge Share is a question and answer feature that allows event attendees to pose a question to all event attendees and spark a conversation. This gives other attendees the opportunity share their knowledge around that subject. For example, an attendee might be struggling with driving engagement during their company's events, so she asks the question within Knowledge Share: 

"How can I increase attendee engagement?" Other attendees that have experience with the same issue can then offer up advice and start a discussion. This peer-to-peer advice in her industry gives her real, practical tips that she can put to use.

Because Knowledge Share is always available within the DoubleDutch event app, the discussion and learning doesn't stop at the end of a session's duration, instead, attendees experience an "always on" community that can help them answer pressing questions and get to the resolution of their top challenges.  


What's included in Knowledge Share:

  • An attendee to attendee question and answer community within the event app 
    • Capabilities for attendees to upvote questions they also are interested in hearing more about 
    • Capability for attendees to flag offensive or irrelevant questions
    • Easy access to ask and answer questions easily throughout the entire event, and thereafter
  • Event organizer view to manage incoming questions and answers within the event CMS
    • Approve or reject flagged questions
    • Monitoring capability on Q&A conversations 


So how does it work? 

After the Knowledge Share feature is added to the event from the Discover More page, attendees are immediately able to start asking and answering questions. When asking a question, attendees can even add topics to their question, which will help other attendees more easily find their question.

Adding an answer to a question is just as easy as asking a question itself. Plus, if an attendee thinks a question or answer is particularly good, she can show her support by upvoting that question or answer. 


You can monitor all questions being asked, and answers, right from your Event CMS and manage the experience.  If content is submitted that attendees find offensive, they can simply tap the report button, and that content is displayed in the CMS for the event organizer to either block from the event app or approve. 

Knowledge Share is the perfect way for attendees to ensure they're learning what they want to at your event by engaging with other attendees. Head on over to the Discover More page to install Knowledge Share for your next event. 

By Will Munce | 5 June, 2018

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