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Learning To Drive Engagement at mLearnCon 2014

Last week we traveled down to mLearnCon in San Diego - the leading annual conference for learning and training professionals, with a focus on applying mobile technologies to learning. This is the second year that DoubleDutch has worked with the eLearning Guild to provide the app for this 1,000+ attendee conference. With the goal of driving engagement at their event, the eLearning Guild opted to be a test bed for our latest feature, “Head Count”. This feature uses iBeacon/Bluetooth LE to give event organizers a sense of how many attendees are in a given area at one time, and also aims to drive engagement in the app via push notifications that prompt attendees to check in.

With a number of DoubleDutch event app deployments under their belt, mLearnCon event team pulled out all the stops to get attendees in the app and participating.

What About Head Count?

We deployed Head Count at the keynote session as well as many educational sessions happening throughout the event. In addition to giving the organizers a sense for who was in the room during these sessions, we also saw that the contextual notifications delivered to nearby attendees did in fact appear to drive higher than average check in activity:

Gamification + Virtual Swag Shop

The team got creative by including a virtual “swag shop” in the app, featuring limited edition keychains, sunglasses and coveted mLearnCon t-shirts that could be “bought” with points earned by participating in the app.

Game Day

With attendees buzzing about the swag shop and eagerly checking their rank on the leaderboard, the team opted to run Game Day for their event right by the registration desk and the swag shop display. This prime placement helped to further raise awareness of the app.

A Big Introduction

Before Monday’s keynote speaker took center stage, the app received a prominent introduction to the audience by program director David Kelly. He pointed out major features and encouraged attendees to share their feedback via the app.

No More Paper

Another tactic the mLearnCon team used to drive app adoption was the decision to go paperless. As attendees collected their badges at registration, they were told that no paper guides were going to be provided this year, and they were directed to install the app instead.

Smart Promoted Posts

The team made smart use of Promoted Posts in the app’s activity feed throughout the event. They scheduled helpful and encouraging messages that changed frequently throughout the day, interspersed with sponsored content that offered value for attendees (e.g. instead of just creating a generic banner ad, they advertised free coffee and snacks being made available by major sponsors).

The Results: Big Time Engagement

All the effort put into getting attendees participating in the app certainly paid off.

Overall, this was an incredibly successful deployment. The app smashed engagement records from the year before, and the mLearnCon event team have set new standards for what’s possible with a DoubleDutch event app.

By DoubleDutch Insider | July 11, 2014

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