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Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

How does a content marketing technology company run its own content marketing program? Very strategically.

“Content is the foundation of our marketing strategy and our go-to-market strategy," says Hana Abaza, head of strategy at Uberflip. “When we started, our content was broad, but now we're getting much more targeted and trying to be very strategic about the content we create."

Being strategic means Abaza and her team must thoroughly understand their audience's needs to create helpful content. How? They ask, Abaza says. "We constantly get the feedback loop going so we can create content that will resonate with our audience and actually solve their problems."

While this feedback can come from several sources, Hana recently saw an intriguing one with the potential for a big content payoff: the company's first conference, The Uberflip Experience, in August 2016.

Two months later, that potential is being realized as Abaza and her team use Live Engagement Data from the event to help inform several aspects of the company's content strategy. We caught up with Abaza ahead of our own conference, LIVE 2016 (Nov. 3, San Francisco), to hear how the Uberflip team turns event data into smart content strategies.

To learn more, don't miss Abaza's session,"Unplugged: How Uberflip Connects Live Engagement to Content Experience."

Content marketers talk about repurposing content. But what about live event content?

“We're taking content from the event that people liked, based on engagement, to do a 'UFX Encore,' which will basically be an online event with some repurposed content. We realized we didn't need to do every presentation, since we know what sessions people engaged with, what resonated with people, and what topics we really wanted to hit on. This intel was an immediate takeaway from our event data."

On identifying new contributors (because who doesn't need more experts?):

"[Live Engagement Data] helped us identify our biggest advocates. We often organically know those people, but there were definitely a few who popped up at the conference that were all over the app — and they turned into massive Uberflip advocates."

That intel doesn't just inform content strategy. All of marketing and sales gets smarter, too:

“From our event data, we could tell what content resonated with people. That intel can fuel a lot of things, from sales outreach to the type of nurture they will get. We'll approach people differently based on what content resonated with them [at the event]. If we have a hot prospect who rated a certain session highly, our sales team can reach out about the common topic or problem they already know the prospect is facing."

Validate topics of interest to your audience, and come up with new ones:

“Our content team dove into the activity feed and comments in the event app, which was a great source of information about the topics people were really hot on."

Optimizing the lineup for next year's conference:

“The event data informed a lot of the decisions we're making now for next year's conference. We compiled the data and feedback right after the conference, and the lessons in that data will drive our decisions for next year. We are already using it to evaluate venues, build out the high-level scope for the next event, and figure out what the full program should look like — pre-conference to post-conference — all integrated with our digital marketing efforts."

Clearly, Uberflip's Live Engagement Data has helped shape Uberflip’s marketing strategy — and that's just from one event. Want to learn more? Don't miss Hana Abaza's full presentation at LIVE 2016, our inaugural industry conference (Nov. 3 in San Francisco). Click here to register — it's free!

This post was contributed by our friend Hana Abaza, Head of Strategy, Uberflip

By DoubleDutch Insider | 19 October, 2016

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