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Live Polling: A Surefire Way to Increase Engagement and App Adoption

Earlier this year, DoubleDutch introduced a live polling feature to help event organizers better engage their audiences. Once we deployed the feature 50 times, we took a look at usage data from these apps to see whether polling had the positive impact that we were hoping for. The results? Better than we could have ever imagined.

Polls can appear in the app in two different places: global polls appear in the main activity feed, making them available to all attendees, and session-based polls appear in the session detail view. Across the first 50 events that used this feature, a total of 15,000 attendees interacted with polls, which gave us a large sample size to study and analyze. As we looked over the data, the first question we wanted to answer was: how are polls being used at live events?


68% of Event Polling Linked to a Session

We found that event organizers are mostly using polls during sessions, with 68% of all polls linked to a session. This matched our expectations of how the feature would be used in the wild. We also noted that about half of all events only used one poll, indicating that perhaps these organizers were trying to gauge attendee receptiveness to this new feature before using it extensively. These facts were interesting, but what we really wanted to learn was what effect this new feature had on attendee engagement in the app.


Polling Doubles App Use

By comparing recent events that used polling to those that did not, we saw that attendees at events using our polling feature typically visited the app twice as often as those that didn’t. What’s more, on average, attendees at events that used polling also posted twice as many status updates as attendees that weren’t exposed to polls.

Next, we wanted to better understand the difference between users that actually interacted with polls and those that did not for events with at least one poll. Dividing users this way highlighted a stark difference in engagement: we saw that attendees who participated in a poll in the app had 240% more visits to the app than those who didn’t. We also saw a significant difference in social engagement – attendees who took at least one poll posted nearly 5 times as many status updates in the app.

Finally, we drilled into the behavior of users that interacted with polls. We specifically wanted to know: how many times did attendees use the app both before and after they participated in a poll?

Encouragingly, we did see a slight lift in app usage after taking a poll.

What does this tell us? Polling shows a lot of potential to drive engagement and app usage at an event. We’re thrilled with the success of the feature so far, and excited about developing it further.

Stay tuned for roadmap updates on polling and other exciting features to come!

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 20, 2014

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