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At DoubleDutch, We Stand With Parkland


Last week, my daughter’s school sent out a communication to parents around a series of investments they were making to protect the school’s students from an armed attacker.  Construction to improve sight lines. Security protocols. Escape routes.

That note nearly broke me.  How did we get here?  

It’s easy to feel powerless against the forces that maintain the dangerous and unacceptable status quo.  

We are a peacetime country that has buried 7,000 children to gun violence since Sandy Hook in December, 2012.  Why do we tolerate this?

Well, the Parkland students have stood up and screamed.  They have called B.S.  

And they have said: NEVER AGAIN

They have survived unspeakable horror, and have found the courage to rally and force change; change that most Americans want.

In solidarity, we humbly offer our app to power the March For Our Lives to help connect, amplify, and record the movement.  

Parkland will be heard.  These students, and millions like them, will not stop.

Software can help.  DoubleDutch joins Lyft, Salesforce, Twilio, Facebook, Nickelodeon, Stripe, and many others in doing our small part to amplify the voices of Parkland and connect the movement.

To Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the hundreds of other communities rocked by gun violence:  We stand with you. We love you. We hear you. We mourn with you. We want to help.

See you on March 24th,

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Lawrence Coburn
Founder, DoubleDutch


By Lawrence Coburn | 16 March, 2018

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