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Bringing Mobile Event Apps to the Marketing Nation: Marketo Summit 2014

In early April 2014, DoubleDutch had the opportunity to power one of the nation's biggest marketing events, Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit.

This event was exciting for us for many reasons, but here's the big one: a big group of data-driven marketers was actively using the DoubleDutch platform.

At DoubleDutch, we are constantly drumming up ways to provide more data for event marketers, so the CMO (or whoever owns the budget) can see a clear picture of each lead lifecycle and the performance of event marketing over marketing channels. So, while many of them were not event marketers, the attendee profile was the same type of person that purchases (and loves) DoubleDutch within their marketing team.

We deployed the app just in the nick of time, and here's how it went.

Fantastic Attendee Reactions

We got some stellar feedback directly from attendees' mouths. One guy, after gushing about how much he loved the app, agreed to say it back to me on camera. His enthusiasm was slightly less than it had been, but you get the idea.

Impressive App Results

The app showed very high engagement with 80% of app users returning to the app more than 10 times. Activity peaked on April 8th and overall activity was highest around 3pm on Day 1 and noontime on Day 2. On average, each user took approximately 130 actions in the app. The app was built off an integration with Certain, the event's registration system.

 We were thrilled with the results of the event and so were attendees.

To get an app for your next user conference, customer roadshow, or internal corporate meeting contact DoubleDutch today.

By DoubleDutch Insider | April 24, 2014

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