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How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

It’s easy to measure sales and leads generated from an event. But how many people are thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about your brand?

That’s traditionally been much tougher to measure, but it’s no less important—by building brand loyalty, you can turn your audience into evangelists for your product or service, whether or not they’re actively buying from you.

In the past, event marketers might have gotten a few high fives or compliments in passing about a conference that hit all the right keys—but that’s anecdotal evidence. Powerful as it may be, it’s not the kind of hard data that you can take to your boss to prove ROI. And while survey data is easier to measure, only a small subset of your attendees will take the time to fill out your surveys, and there’s only so much information they’ll be able to gather. Though the attendee experience should always be a prime concern when planning events, it’s often tough to tell how well you delivered, and whether your attendees are fans for life or were just in it for the free beer.

But with the advance of Live Engagement Marketing, that’s all changed. Armed with an engaging mobile app, event organizers can measure the health of every component of their events, both in real-time and after the fact—and that includes the once-elusive “sentiment analysis.” In other words, do they love you, or not?

Here are some of the leading indicators to event success that only a Live Engagement Platform can help you measure your audience’s relationship to your brand and event:

Sentiment Analysis

Best-in-class Live Engagement Marketing solutions act as a private social network of their own, where attendees can converse, compare notes, and share photos from the event. This in-app conversation is a rich source of data that helps you identify how your attendees are reacting to the event. As you monitor the performance of your event, keeping track of particular word choices and phrases (such as “love,” “thrilled,” or “bummed”) are automatically measured and tallied in the Performance Manager, to give you an overall sense of an event’s mood.

Attendee Experience - How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

Attendee Engagement

You’ll also be able to follow attendee engagement metrics to help you benchmark your event’s greatest hits and biggest misses: Did your keynote speaker bring the house down like you had expected, or was the local Led Zeppelin cover band the talk of the town? Use this type of insight to improve your strategy and make informed decisions about your events going forward. By comparing engagement metrics to the previous events, you’ll be able to monitor whether you’re building more engagement or seeing a drop-off that needs to be corrected, stat.

Trending Topics

With the event app being the single interface for attendees to learn, share, and interact with all of the insights and messages delivered throughout the event, you have the ability to ignite conversations around topics relevant to your brand and see how they trend.  For example, highlighting key messages through hashtags, creating discussion channels on specific topics, or promoting messages in the activity feed are all great ways to spark a conversation, and measure how well those messages resonate by reviewing analytics on top hashtags, top keywords, and most active discussion channels throughout your event.

Trending Topics - How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

Influencer Analysis

Who are the most influential people at your event, and how engaged are they with your brand? The Event Performance Manager can help you determine which participants are generating the most responses from other attendees, and help you closely monitor their interactions in your event feed—enabling you to converse with them and keep a close eye on their sentiments. By turning influencers into brand advocates, you can build strong allies who will introduce your company to their own powerful networks.

Influential Attendees - How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

Survey Data

While post-event surveys have been around since the Stone Age, today’s enlightened marketers use in-app surveys to collect valuable intel in real-time, over the entire course of the event. Want to know whether a workshop was helpful, or if a speaker put your audience to sleep? They can share their feedback with the simple push of a button, dozens or even hundreds of times over the course of your event—helping you effortlessly gather valuable data around audience opinion related to every aspect of your event.

Survey Results-How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

Today’s most successful event marketers are tracking event success all the way back to smiles and satisfaction. It’s the kind of metric that may not translate immediately into dollars, but is ultimately more powerful than a short-term boost to your bottom line. A positive brand impact from an event translates to increased customer loyalty, and helps you build awareness and influence with your target audience.

Building a delightful brand experience at your event can help you foster loyal brand advocates and evangelists, who’ll bring your company’s growth to the next level.

By DoubleDutch Insider | August 2, 2016

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