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Meet Charlie, Event Marketer Extraordinaire

Meet Charlie, Event Marketer Extraordinaire

Events have been my life for more than 10 years. I've planned and executed hundreds of them around the world, while successfully moving up the ladder from event coordinator to strategic event marketer. I have traveled extensively, met fascinating people, learned a lot — and the work is more rewarding than ever.

My secret? In the past, I focused entirely on logistics, but now I tap the data from our events to create event experiences that everyone — attendees, prospects, sales reps, marketing colleagues, our company's top brass — loves.

I always knew my team's events made an impact, but with data from the DoubleDutch app, I can prove it. And now I'm excited to share the hard-earned lessons I've learned during my decade in the events industry. Keep reading for a glimpse into how I made the leap from event coordinator to strategic event marketer, and download a copy of my eBook for the full story.

Get Instant Feedback from Event Attendees

Before going digital, I used to hand out hundreds of paper surveys at each event. By the time I managed to get through them weeks later (the legible ones, at least), there was rarely enough feedback to make a difference. But with DoubleDutch, I've collected thousands of digital responses using surveys and polls. I've kissed the days of paper surveys goodbye — and I'm never going back!

Connect Sales Reps to Attendees — Directly

Have you ever looked across the event floor and found all your sales reps huddled together instead of networking with potential customers? It's not entirely their fault. Finding prospects on a busy event floor can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using DoubleDutch's in-app Sales Concierge feature, I can auto-assign reps to attendees based on their account assignments. From there, our sales reps use Attendee Meeting Scheduling to view mutual availability and schedule meet ups with prospects. If a meeting doesn't get scheduled in advance they receive trigger notifications based on attendee actions, so they know just the right time to say hello.

Master Sales and Marketing Integrations

When I first started coordinating events, I simply qualified prospects based on the actions I saw them take at an event. While this was satisfying to see, it proved difficult for the sales team to quantify. Now that I've integrated DoubleDutch with Salesforce and Marketo, I am the sales team's new best friend! After an event, I send sales the in-app activity of potential prospects. They use this to plan their outreach based on the actions prospects are taking within the app.

This has helped strengthen bonds between marketing and sales, and the events team has also benefited. My team imports event data directly into Marketo using the Marketing Automation integration, which allows us to send targeted marketing campaigns after the event. These intelligent campaigns let our customers know we are listening and take their wants and needs seriously.

To learn more about how you can go from a logistics focused event manager, to a real strategic leader within your marketing team and organization as a whole, download my new book,"Meet Charlie: The World's Greatest Event Marketer."


By DoubleDutch Insider | July 27, 2017

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