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Meet Lucy Eckard, #EventProf of the Month

The NFLPA’s Event Coordinator, Lucy Eckard of DC, shares her success stories using DoubleDutch, event technology predictions, and where she draws her event organization inspiration from in the following interview.

BL: How long have you been involved with event marketing?

LE: Two years, so it’s still pretty fresh. I love how it’s always something different, so you don't get in a rut. There are always different events every year, or the same events but in new locations. There is never a day that is the same as the last.

BL: Tell me about your most recent event success where DoubleDutch was involved.

LE: The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Long Beach, California at the StubHub Center is our premier All-Star game for top seniors in college football. This year, 112 players had the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities in front of NFL scouts and on ESPN this year.

BL: Did the players like using DoubleDutch?

LE: Oh, the players loved it! Their personalities are totally conducive to sharing.  A lot of players took advantage of the feed to talk smack, all in good fun, to other players. The  staff had fun watching and waiting for the next hilarious update from players.

BL: That’s fun! Did DoubleDutch change anything about the event from previous years?

LE: Yes! We used to do a lot of printing, so it saved me there. Also, since we are engaging such a young audience, we had to have something that allowed us to communicate quicker. The notifications gave us the ability to push live-action changes. If coach calls a meeting, practice changes, etc., we could let the players know in real time. With all the players and staff, you can imagine we had to buy out a huge hotel but also needed to mobilize all the players.

BL: How did you promote the app before the event? How did you get players excited?

LE: Actually it was really easy, I just sent participants an email. By the time everyone showed up -- they were so excited -- I would say about 95% of the players had the app downloaded before check-ins. They were also really excited about the Gametime feature - being able to see who was on the leaderboard spoke to their natural competitive spirit.

BL: Switching gears a bit;  Any event marketing trends you see in 2016?

LE: Technology is a huge part of events, and we are seeing that throughout all of our events. Historically, we’ve been little more traditional as you know, but things are shifting and we are quickly taking on new technologies. The sharing economy of events is interesting to me. I follow tons of event planners on IG. Even wedding ideas you can transfer to player focused, corporate events. There is a ton of inspiration out there.

BL: Your Motto…

LE: I actually printed this out for my friend just today... "Wake up, kick ass, repeat."

BL: When you’re traveling for work, what can you not leave home without?’

LE: My S’well water bottle, a blanket sweater perfect for airplanes, my Mophie charger, and this amazing caffeine eye cream from Birchbox that I apply on the plane.

By DoubleDutch Insider | April 7, 2016

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