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MediaNext Discovers The Benefits Of A Mobile Event App

You may have heard of a little hurricane named Sandy that swept through the Northeastern United States back in October 2012. Aside from the damage caused by the hurricane (click to donate to relief efforts), it also had a huge effect on the events industry as people were stranded at airports and event spaces were flooded.

One such event scheduled to take place the week Sandy hit New York was MediaNext. A multi-platform conference for the publishing industry, MediaNext shows publishers how to keep a finger on the pulse of emerging media platforms.

Event organizers closely watched the storm's trajectory to see if it would indeed effect their event in New York in the days leading up to the event. Not only did the organizers monitor news channels, they also paid attention to the activity feed within their mobile app to track the sentiment of their attendees who were already actively using the app.

Once it was deemed unsafe to host the event that week, organizers were able to send out a push notification to users of the mobile event app, notifying attendees that the conference would be postponed until January. Attendees took to the app to coordinate small meetups in place of the cancelled event, and leading up to the rescheduled event in January.

Aside from the ability to send a push notification to attendees, organizers discovered a few other benefits of a mobile event app in the wake of a natural disaster. For instance, opting for a digital event guide not only saves money in normal situations, in the case of a rescheduled event it also means there is no need to reprint paper guides to reflect new dates, times and speaker information. All the event organizers had to do was update that information through the dashboard and their changes were instantly reflected in the mobile app.

As an event organizer it's never a fun situation to have to reschedule an event. Think of a mobile event app as your event guide with insurance - in the wake of natural disasters and rescheduling events you'll save money and time by not needing to reprint paper event guides.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | January 8, 2013

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