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Mobile App Success Factor: Offline Access

We all know that connectivity can be dicey when all your attendees decide to connect to your wifi with multiple devices. We've been to many a conference where they encourage you to tweet, but there's little cell coverage and no wifi -- making twittering impossible (ah!).

This issue becomes really critical if you've replaced your paper guide with a mobile event app. Ensuring that your attendees are still able to access event critical info like agenda and vendor information on their mobile event app is important, and will soon be table stakes. This is where offline access comes in handy. If internet goes down and the AT&T network is overloaded, you're still able to get what you need.

Typically with offline access, you can read content that was downloaded upon initial install of the app. It doesn't allow you the ability to push publishing actions (it requires a connection to do this). The next step in offline access is the ability to allow your attendees publishing access (speaker ratings, photos, etc.) while offline.  To do this, your event app needs to store user-published content and be smart enough to push it to the server once connectivity is reestablished.

DoubleDutch has integrated offline mode into our mobile event apps and we're constantly pushing the envelope to improve the user experience, no matter what. To learn more about offline access, drop us a line.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 20 August, 2012

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