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Designing Better Navigation For Mobile Event Apps

This fall, the Product and Engineering team at DoubleDutch has been working away on a beautiful redesign of our industry-leading event app platform. While every aspect of the app and backend dashboard will be getting a fresh coat of paint (hint, hint), one of the most noticeable changes we're making is an overhaul of the navigation for all of our mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5).

From usage data we’ve collected at hundreds of events, we learned that there are four areas of the app which are accessed most frequently: Activity Feed, Agenda, Leaderboard and Networking. We set out to design a new navigation menu that would make it easier for users to get into these areas, yet still retain the customization and branding opportunities that our customers love.

The solution our design team came up with was to switch out the dashboard-style grid navigation with a hybrid grid/list side menu, a tweak on a design pattern that has become the new standard in leading social apps like Facebook and Path. The key advantage a side menu has over a dashboard menu is that it makes the app much quicker to navigate. No matter how deeply you navigate in the app, you can always pull the menu out from the left side, eliminating the need to tap or swipe “back” several times to access different sections of the app.

Being able to quickly find information is especially important at an event, where packed schedules are the norm. The grid section at the top of the menu allows organizers to highlight features that their attendees will use most frequently, and is fully customizable to fit within branding, just like the old DoubleDutch.

You can check out a sneak peek of the new design below. We’re putting the final touches on the apps this week, and customers who are creating their apps with us in the next month can expect to have a slick new version of DoubleDutch for their attendees.

Stay tuned for more updates about new features we’re including in this release!

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 9, 2012

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