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Now Available: Personalize Content for Individual Attendees

There are many ways to create a great event, but perhaps the best strategy for ensuring attendees have a memorable experience is personalization.  DoubleDutch has always offered a tailored experience for attendees using the mobile app, but the new My Info extension will allow organizers to deliver personalized content for individuals or groups of attendees, designing a truly unique experience.

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All of the content that organizers build for attendees will be displayed in the section of the mobile app, providing a one stop shop for the information that’s most relevant to each attendee.  

For example, if an event offers a golf outing, the organizer might send details about the activity to the attendees registered for the golf trip.  That way, those attendees get the information without distracting or interrupting other attendee's app experience.  

My Info works great with attendee tiers or groups like in the last example, but its true power comes from generating specific content for a single attendee.  At a smaller event, an organizer could easily create a personalized welcome message for each attendee, which would be front and center in each of their My Info sections.

Now it might seem like delivering all of this content would be time and labor-intensive, but with this feature, it’s quick and painless.  To create a piece of content, an organizer fills out a simple form.

The first step of the form is choosing the attendees that will receive the content.  As mentioned before, My Info plays well with attendee tiers or groups, so organizers can simply select ones to receive specific content.  The other option is to select individual attendees from the attendee list, which is easy with the attendee search function.


Once the attendees are selected, it’s time to create that content.  There are currently four types of content to choose from:

  • Web Page: The web page will function like the web views currently offered in the app. 
  • Plain Text: The plain text content type is more flexible in that the organizer can write freely and provide attendees with the information they need, like the details of a VIP Happy Hour. 
  • Survey: Any global survey an organizer has created can be added to an attendee's My Info section from the content creation form. 
  • HTML: Lastly, HTML offers the same flexibility as the plain text content type but with the added options of styling, images, and more. 
    Content Form_preview

After completing the form, the content will appear in the content list ready to be published to the mobile app.  Just hit 'publish' and attendees' feeds are filled with custom content!  There is even a list to double check which attendees are receiving which pieces of content.  Clicking on an attendee will display a preview next to the list with the content that the attendee is receiving and in the order it will be displayed.

With personalized content for attendees, the sky is the limit.  Head over to the Discover More page in the CMS to install the extension and start personalizing the experience!

By Will Munce | 14 May, 2018

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