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New Feature: QR Code Hunt

Exhibitors are a big part of a lot of events, and as an event organizer, you do a lot to ensure the exhibitors have a great experience. There's the location in the expo hall, the placement in the mobile app and all sorts of little logistical things. 

Once the event begins, then what? How do you ensure attendees are exploring all the exhibitor booths? 

Enter QR Hunt...

With QR Hunt, you can help drive traffic to exhibitors to help them get the interaction with attendees that they're looking for, and it's so simple to set up. 

From the CMS, you can customize the instructions for the whole game to let attendees know exactly what they need to do to complete the QR hunt. Then it's all about adding codes, which has never been easier. 

To add a code, designate yourself as an admin, and pull up the QR Hunt extension in your event app. That will allow you to scan any QR code out there, and you'll see it pop up in the CMS instantaneously. 

Organizers can take it a step further with categories. You can add as many categories as you like, populate them with QR codes and designate how many scans are required to complete that category. For example, you might create categories based on sponsorship levels or exhibitor types. Once the game is over, you can quickly export a list of all attendees that completed the game to use in a raffle or give away.

The attendee experience is just as simple as the CMS experience. When an attendee finds a code, they can scan it with their mobile app and see their progress towards completing the game. If they are able to complete the QR Hunt based on the rules assigned in the CMS, they'll receive a congratulations message informing them of any rewards or next steps.


Your exhibitors are going to love you for this, so head over to the Discover More page to add QR Hunt to your next event, and let the hunt begin!

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By Will Munce | 7 August, 2018

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