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Are you the next #EventProf of the Year Winner?

Are you the next #EventProf of the Year Winner?

DoubleDutch is excited to announce we are now accepting submissions for our 2017 #EventProf of the Year Award!

Today through March 31st, we are accepting nominations for the most incredible, talented, innovative #EventProfs in the event marketing space.

Last year, myself along with our stealthy videographer, surprised all four of our nominees at their corporate headquarters and caught it all on camera. In the end, the customer who came out on top was Vice President of Digital Marketing, Cassie Muniak, of BlackRock.

Here are the the 5 winning attributes we are looking for in our winner this year:

innovatorThe Innovator

Your events truly stand out from the crowd. From the physical to digital experience, no one is thinking like you are. When it comes to DoubleDutch, you are seeing crazy high adoption rates because your attendees can’t wait to participate in your activity feed, take surveys, and network at your event. You’re constantly thinking of new ways to do events, and always outperform your competitors!

data-drivenThe Data Lover

Long gone are the days event marketers can ignore data. Today’s #EventProf is aligning event goals to business goals. Do you find yourself clicking around in the DoubleDutch CMS for interesting insights? If you come armed and ready with data at the post-event meeting with your boss, you’re already the leader of the pack!

strategicThe Strategic Planner

Every event marketer knows, you can’t just host or sponsor an event without goals. As the queen or king of events, you’re tasked with not only working with your content marketer, your campaign manager, and your creative director; you need to align with product and sales to make sure this event has goals wrapped around it. No one calls you the party planner. You’re a key part of the success of the marketing team and the company as a whole. You are a strategic marketing hero!

leaderThe Leader

So, you’ve gotten pretty good at herding cats, and telling people no. Not every sales person can travel to your event in London, and sometimes the content just isn’t good enough from your speakers and needs more work! You’re not afraid to stand-up for what’s right for the event and for your company. You’re comfortable telling leadership your plans, presenting strategy, and not over indulging on those roadshow parties with the rest of the team. You certainly know how to motivate and inspire your team as they work the show floor and put their best foot forward at your events.

passionateThe Passionate #EventProf

Despite the fact that you’re solely responsible for getting your hungover sales team back to the show floor for day two, and you might have cried when a major vendor dropped the ball — you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else. You excel at this job and are the master of your domain. Event success brings you happiness!

So, do you have what it takes?

Nominate yourself, or a colleague by March 31st. DoubleDutch will announce four finalists, and then our #EventProf of the Year will be chosen at the end of 2017.

Apply Here!

By DoubleDutch Insider | 14 March, 2017

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