Build Custom Features On The DoubleDutch Developer Platform

We are happy to announce the launch of the DoubleDutch Developer Platform! Our developer platform now allows both our partners and customers to build custom features on the DoubleDutch Event App to fit the unique needs of their events and attendees.

Apple's April 1st Developer Account Deadline: What it Means for DoubleDutch Customers and Prospects

1 March, 2018
Customers and developers of mobile event applications have been on a roller coaster ride recently as Apple works through their position on branded event apps. 

How to Negotiate a Hotel Room Block

6 February, 2018
Whether you're organizing a week-long conference or a two-day company retreat, booking accommodations is a huge piece of the planning puzzle. You may dread the prospect of securing a hotel room block for your event, but finding a great deal doesn't have to take hours of research or frustrating negotiations. I[…]

Do You Need Insurance For Your Next Event?

1 February, 2018
Hurricane. Wildfire. Earthquake. A spate of tragic incidents like these have many event professionals wondering how they can and should prepare for the worst (while hoping for the best). If disaster struck their meticulously planned event, would they have enough insurance? And would they know how to respond i[…]

How To Stock A Green Room Your Speakers Won’t Want to Leave

30 January, 2018
A compelling speech or powerful presentation is often the highlight of an event, but what goes on behind the scenes can have a big impact on the performance the audience sees on stage.

A Revamped Event App Connects MongoDB With Its Customers

22 January, 2018
   MongoDB realized it had a problem: The company helps developers to build great applications, but attendees at its annual event weren't as engaged with MongoDB — or with fellow attendees — as the company had hoped.

6 Tips for Attracting a Bigger Flock of Early Bird RSVPs

17 January, 2018
Other than the proverbial worm, everyone loves early birds—especially event professionals. When event attendees buy tickets and register in advance, it simplifies planning and budgeting, and provides a welcome preliminary cash flow.