These Event Tech Tools Will Make Any Event Prof's Life Easier

Modern event profs have an exciting variety of new tools to help pull off the perfect event, whether it's the all-important annual user conference or a more intimate conversion event. You now have the power to streamline and automate nearly every step in the event planning process, saving time and providing a seamless experience for your attendees.

3 Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Conversion Event

12 October, 2017
It might seem like an inordinate amount of your time goes to pulling off a signature event every year. It’s The Big One. There are intimate customer dinners, workshops for prospects and keynotes where all are welcome. Attendees enjoy top-notch entertainment and refuel with catering you carefully selected. The[…]

Important Apple Update Regarding White Label Apps

6 October, 2017

Event Planners, Get More Out of Your Paid Speakers in 3 Easy Steps

5 October, 2017
This is the first part of a three-part series by Shane Brethowr, founder of Overflow Story Lab, about how to make the most of your event speakers before, during and after the event.

Why We Bought Eventgrid

4 October, 2017
It’s no secret that event registration and event apps go together.  

A Day in the Life Series - Meet Ryan Finn

3 October, 2017
 Meet Ryan Finn Title: Enterprise Account Manager Location: Phoenix DoubleDutch Tenure: ~1 year

A Day in the Life - Director of Sales

20 September, 2017
As I thought about writing this post about my average day, I was reminded of something my manager told me when I started my first sales job as a college graduate. “It’s the people man, I love the people,” he said when I asked him what motivated him to work so hard. The “people” he was referring to weren’t jus[…]