20+ Ways to Use QR Codes at Events

QR codes are one of the most underrated event marketing channels. When used strategically, QR codes enable better engagement at events. They allow attendees to connect, exhibitors to add interactivity to their booths and demonstrations, and speakers to collect leads among so many other use cases.

5 Ways to Build Your Marketing Strategy Using DoubleDutch App Data

13 February, 2019
Events are a greenhouse of knowledge; an environment where like-minded people have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and exponentially accelerate learning and growth. What is often overlooked is what a huge source for data events are.

StorySalon: Golden Times in the Golden City of San Francisco

11 February, 2019
On a rainy and windy day in San Francisco last week, our team hosted our signature StorySalon event. Gathered at the intimate yet elegant venue "The Monroe," great minds from companies like Wells Fargo, Tesla, Google, and Intel told personal stories of growth, heartbreak, and lessons learned.

3 Event Registration Email Best Practices

5 February, 2019
When done right, email marketing is an effective yet affordable way to get the word out regarding your event, attract the right type of people, and then get them to attend.

StorySalon New York in Action

29 January, 2019
Last week our team brought our signature StorySalon event to NYC. The room was full of bright minds from companies such as PepsiCo, AIG, Mastercard, Aetna, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, IBM, and Verizon. The two-part event is part of our DoubleDutch Experiences program and our goal is to break do[…]

New: Engage an Audience with Live Scoring!

28 January, 2019
Ever wish that you could show a speaker some love in real time as they are sharing a story or giving a talk? Meet DoubleDutch’s newest mobile app feature: Live Scoring.

Recap & Reflection on StorySalon Phoenix

22 January, 2019
Last week we launched our first StorySalon event of 2019 at the MonOrchid Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2018 we hosted a few StorySalon events in conjunction with our Customer Advisory Board meetings or other external events, but this was the first of it’s kind as a stand-alone experience!