How to Monetize Your Event App in 2019

Event apps aren't a new technology; in fact, they've become a staple at most events. Another thing that isn't new to the space is the idea of monetizing your app by selling ad space to sponsors and exhibitors. 

4 Ways to Use Push Notifications at Your Events

27 November, 2018
Maintaining a mobile presence for your event has become a necessity for today's event managers. 91% of event organizers have turned to dedicated apps with interactive features to ensure a smooth attendee experience and enhanced business outcomes.  Whether an app powers smaller focused meetings or high-profile[…]

The Future of Augmented Reality at Events

20 November, 2018
There is no question that Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the hottest topics in the technology industry right now and for a good reason. The new technology has a huge impact on almost every industry and brands are going all-in with experimenting with mobile AR to increase brand engagement.

The Benefits of Real-Time Response at Events

13 November, 2018
Real-time feedback collection is quickly becoming a best practice in large-scale event planning. With benefits like increased audience engagement, the ability to tailor content to the crowd, and receive instant insights, it’s not hard to see why. 

Introducing: Advanced Surveys

9 November, 2018
  Today we released new survey capabilities aimed at improving the way organizers collect information, insights, and feedback from event attendees.  

5 Ideas for Live Streaming at Your Events

8 November, 2018
We've all experienced a live video experience from a brand or influencer that we love.  It's become a staple to our content viewing habits in the past couple of years.

Who killed the Event App? A Murder Mystery by DoubleDutch

31 October, 2018
  Event managers, this is a cautionary tale of misuse. Beware of such fatal mistakes...