Introducing Code of Conduct

  Your event app is an important asset for attendee engagement and networking. But, what if it could also create a safer environment for your attendees? That’s what our new feature, Code of Conduct, is all about. We wanted to help organizers facilitate safer events and hold attendees accountable for violations to their events’ specified code of conduct.

Event Tech for Marketing Lesson 3: Measure Performance and Manage Data

15 October, 2018
In our final lesson in the Mobile Event Apps for Marketing series, we'll explore how you can glean insight from your event performance data. Event apps are powerful marketing channels embedded with discussion threads, personalized content, and networking features.

Event Tech for Marketing Lesson 2: Drive Adoption and Engagement

8 October, 2018
  In our last lesson, we walked through the basics of event app creation. Once your event app is created the next step is to get as many attendees into that app as possible. This isn't always an easy task, this lesson will outline not only how to drive event app adoption, but also how to engage attendees in y[…]

The Long Tail of Live Events and the 5X Rule

2 October, 2018
  In statistics, the term “long tail” refers to a particular distribution pattern in which several high frequency items are followed by a much larger number of decreasingly low frequency items.  

Event Tech for Marketing Lesson 1: Create Your App

27 September, 2018
  Event marketing is a critical part of your marketing strategy; at the core of event marketing is event technology. Despite the increasing usage of event technology amongst our customers, we've noticed that many companies still aren't realizing the full potential that event technology brings to their event p[…]

A Fork in the Road for Event Tech Buyers: What Matters More, Logistics or Business Outcomes?

25 September, 2018
  It seems to be RFP season in the world of event technology, and I count myself among a handful of hardliners that [truly] enjoy reading these monstrous documents. Why? Because an RFP is a window into the mindset of the buyer. If you read between the lines, you can learn a lot about a company’s priorities, p[…]

6 Winning Tactics to Promote Your Event App

18 September, 2018
Many event organizers miss out on valuable attendee insights due to lack of event app adoption. Event apps allow organizers to collect real-time data like content preferences, event activity, feedback, and social interactions. Without in-app interactions, organizers are left in the dark about the preferences […]