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Designing Better Navigation For Mobile Event Apps

9 November, 2012
This fall, the Product and Engineering team at DoubleDutch has been working away on a beautiful redesign of our industry-leading event app platform. While every aspect of the app and backend dashboard will be getting a fresh coat of paint (hint, hint), one of the most noticeable changes we're making is an ove[…]

Event Organizer Checklist: 5 Tips to Avoid the #WiFiFail

8 November, 2012
We've all been there. Sitting in the middle of a keynote and a YouTube video doesn't play; the twitter stream floods with #WiFiFail; attendees can't connect to the mobile app you created... People. Are. Pissed. Meanwhile you're freaking out because the venue assured you there would be sufficient WiFi coverage[…]

Event Organizer Checklist: 5 Benefits Of A Digital Agenda

1 November, 2012
We've talked a lot about how sponsors can benefit from an event application; how you can leverage social media during your event; and how game mechanics can increase engagement. But what about the simple benefits of having a digital agenda?

Event Organizer Checklist: Facilitate Networking with People Matching At Your Event

25 October, 2012
An individual's motivation for attending an event or conference can be anything from gaining insight to meeting new people. If a goal of your event is to facilitate networking between attendees there's lots of things you can do as an event organizer to help.

Gartner Symposium: Re-imagining the World of Enterprise IT

22 October, 2012
The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo (#GartnerSym) is happening this week in Orlando, FL. The event aims to encourage CIOs and senior IT executives to re-imagine, rethink and reconsider what IT means and how it can be applied to the needs and goals of the enterprise. As consumer tech continues to develop into beautifu[…]

Event Organizer Checklist: Increase ROI for Event Sponsors

18 October, 2012
We could write a blog post talking about how much the Global Financial Crisis has screwed with marketing and sponsorship budgets, but we think you're already well-aware of that fact. Instead, let's talk about how you can leverage data, analytics and event tech to secure sponsorship opportunities by helping th[…]