Event Organizer Checklist: Leveraging the Big 3 Social Networks For Your Event

Leveraging social media during your event is a hot topic in the industry. We know to create hashtags and Facebook event pages, but how can we go beyond that to create truly unique content for attendees? Here's a fresh look at leveraging Google, Facebook and Twitter for your next event. Plus, a bonus network that we just can't get enough of.

Tastes Gamey.. Must Be The Game Developers Conference Online!

9 October, 2012
The Game Developers Conference Online kicks off today in Austin, TX. The conference offers a platform for programmers, designers, producers, writers and others involved in the development of interactive games, to exchange ideas, and ultimately shape the future of a thriving industry.

Event Organizer Checklist: Incorporating Social Media Into Your Next Event

5 October, 2012
We go to conferences for lots of reasons: to learn, to network, to meet the love of our life (okay, maybe not all of us)… No matter what our reasons might be, as we wander through expo halls and conference rooms we bury our faces in our smartphones avidly tweeting, instagramming and whatever the social app du[…]

Benefits of Cloud Configuration with Mobile Event Apps

24 August, 2012
While Apple has been very successful in ensuring a quality user experience by manually reviewing every app submitted to the store, the time lag between app submission and app approval can make things very stressful for event organizers. You never know when the app will get approved -- it's up to the whim of t[…]

Mobile App Success Factor: Offline Access

20 August, 2012
We all know that connectivity can be dicey when all your attendees decide to connect to your wifi with multiple devices. We've been to many a conference where they encourage you to tweet, but there's little cell coverage and no wifi -- making twittering impossible (ah!).

DoubleDutch Announces Pastmapper

17 July, 2012
DoubleDutch (as you all know) focuses on enterprise apps. Every week, we have a few local businesses or non-profits that inquire after our products and location-based technology. When we heard about Pastmapper, we were intrigued and it was evident from the very beginning that they are on to something cool.

Enterprise Event Apps: White Label vs Out-of-the-Box Apps

26 June, 2012
As you plan for your next enterprise conference or event, you may be looking for a mobile app. Makes sense.