How to Create A Digital Passport Program For Your Event Using QR Codes

What is a Passport Program? A passport program is a creative and cost effective way to drive attendee traffic to exhibitor booths, and can also be used to sell additional sponsorships for your event. Passport programs are an increasingly popular and effective way for event organizers to help exhibitors increase event ROI.

Adding Games to Your Event to Increase Engagement

6 March, 2012
Game Mechanics. It's a fancy word for something that's been around for a long time... games!

Event App Promotion Basics

5 March, 2012
How do you increase engagement with your mobile apps? In the event space, we have come to notice some basic themes, outlined below. Each theme will be described in more detail in posts to come. Examples are welcome so please leave your comments below!

UBM Announces Partnership with Mobile Event App Provider DoubleDutch

9 February, 2012
Today, UBM Tech Web put out a fantastic press release announcing their partnership with us, their mobile event app provider. We have built apps for various events, including the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Macworld iWorld, Cloud Connect, and others. Our apps run natively cross-platform -- so if you have an and[…]

How to Choose a Mobile Event App (Part 1)

1 February, 2012
This is the first in a series of posts designed to be a "Checklists for Event Organizers."  I'd like to first help you determine how to best select a mobile event app vendor. Let's start by considering three topics: attendee profiles, desired behaviors, and the event environment.

The Mobile Engagement Layer

11 January, 2012
We spend a lot of our time speaking to customers and potential customers about the ROI of an investment in mobile. While there are a lot of potential benefits to choose from (always on, access to data, geosocial, context, sensors, etc.), there is one potential benefit that stands head and shoulders above the […]

Bronze Medal in Event Technology Awards 2011

8 December, 2011
DoubleDutch is happy to announce that we have won 3rd place in Event Marketer's "Event Technology Awards" for 2011. This speaks volumes to the impact we have made on the market, and the impact DoubleDutch has on a company like Cisco.