An Introduction to Work Objects

As we’ve gone about charting our course on what what the next generation of mobile, social enterprise software should look like, we’ve drawn inspiration from a number of different sources: problems in collaboration that we ourselves have, innovative consumer apps, entrepreneurs and advisors, and of course, from the theory and research of others.

Case Study: Amdocs InTouch, Powered by DoubleDutch

3 August, 2011
Amdocs discovered DoubleDutch after learning about Located, the event app designed by DoubleDutch for the TED conferences. The success of that app was evidence enough for Amdocs, and the partnership began.

DoubleDutch teams-up with Chicago TechWeek

22 July, 2011
DoubleDutch is founded on innovative social technology designed to help people connect with the things that matter.

The [Mobile, Social] People Guide for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

13 June, 2011
In honor of the upcoming launch of the DoubleDutch enterprise suite, we’ve put together a fun little iPhone app called HYVE e2.0, specifically for attendees of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

DoubleDutch Mobile Event Apps: Now with LinkedIn Integration

8 June, 2011
OK, here's a quick hitter.

Introducing Geofencing for Events

1 June, 2011
Although we’re a humble bunch, we tend to get a little boastful when talking about our mobile event app. We’re proud that our event apps run natively across all major mobile operating systems and are powered by a single dashboard / analytics panel. We’re also proud of the rich set of features we offer our eve[…]

Some Thoughts on "Facebook for the Enterprise"

23 May, 2011
As we inch closer to the launch of the DoubleDutch Enterprise Suite, we've been thinking a lot about how social functionality will change the way people work. With tens of thousands of people now using our mobile collaboration software in a work setting, we've developed some pretty strong opinions.