Essential Components of a Sales Kickoff Agenda

The sales kickoff meeting, or SKO, enables you to bring everyone together, build a sense of unity, and refocus on goals for the year. It's the perfect time to introduce new products or new information, offer fresh selling strategies, and recognize team members who have performed with excellence. Your annual kickoff is the perfect time to set goals for you

Real Time Marketing at Live Events

2 July, 2018
  In Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys, Lewis describes the practice of High Frequency Trading - an equity trading discipline that depends on speed-to-market to deliver outsized returns.  Flash Boys begins with the story of Spread Networks, a telecom company that was investing $300M to build a fiber link to conn[…]

Introducing Trivia Challenge!

29 June, 2018
Back in April, all of DoubleDutch converged in Phoenix, AZ for a company offsite meeting, and of course we built out an event app for the affair. We had a lot of business to handle and a lot of learning to do, but we wanted to have some fun while doing it. Luckily for us, our Senior Engineering Manager, Adam,[…]

4 Memorable Activities and Incentives for Your President's Club

28 June, 2018
You already understand the importance of incentives for your sales team, but incentives for your President’s Club require a whole new ballpark of thinking to keep your top performers engaged and motivated.

The Case for Standardizing Your Event Tech

25 June, 2018
    The last several years have seen a prolonged period of experimentation from the largest and most sophisticated buyers of event technology.

5 Key Learnings From Apple's WWDC 2018 for the Event Tech Industry

20 June, 2018
Last week Dawson Loudon, a senior mobile engineer at DoubleDutch, joined thousands of others in attending Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).  WWDC is the place to be to catch new product enhancements to both iOS and macOS and it is a must-attend event for mobile developers.  

6 Internal Meeting Types That Benefit From an Event App

19 June, 2018
It's easy to assume that an event app only has a place at external events and conferences. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth! Whether you're running internal programs with large company-wide events, or many 20-50 person meetings throughout the year, there is a place in your tech stack for an[…]