Why is an Event App Vital for Internal Meetings?

As event planners, we spend so much time and energy on our external events. But, why don’t our internal events get the same type of attention? Meeting planners, back me up here, but who doesn’t like a well-executed meeting, regardless of size? 

4 Ways to Optimize Internal Training for Employee Engagement

11 June, 2018
Employee engagement is not a tactic, strategy or trend. Instead, employee engagement is a feeling of commitment and dedication that an employee has to their role at your company. 

Corporate Event Experts Share the "Secret Sauce" to Growing Registrants and Attendees

7 June, 2018
At their core, all event programs share something in common: they need engaged attendees in order to be successful. Often times organizers and planners strive for a goal of driving more registrants and attendees than the year prior. 

Spark Attendee Conversations with Knowledge Share

5 June, 2018
It's no secret that many people attend events to gain valuable insights into trending topics in their industries. But, attendees are not just looking to absorb content presented to them by speakers and event organizers; that's only half of the equation. The second part to creating an educational experience is[…]

How to Create the Perfect Event Promotional Video

29 May, 2018
Videos are powerful tools for promoting your brand's events—but only when done right. Videos need to inspire people to attend and show off the value of content and exhibitors all while remaining true to your brand image. We asked Chris Craig, founder of Chris Craig Productions, for his best-practice advice fo[…]

How to Create The Best Event Registration Pages and Forms

24 May, 2018
One of the essential pages of an event website is its registration page. A registration page, sometimes called an enrollment page, or a sign-up page is the place where you have the chance to convert visitors to registrants. These pages typically include a value proposition, a description of the event that cre[…]

Why Segment Your Registrant and Attendee Lists?

22 May, 2018
As the registrant list grows for your upcoming event, how much do you really know about who's signing up?