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Post Event Life – It Ain’t Over til…Ever


When is event marketing ever really over? There is still work to be done post-event.

Finally – the last day of your event is here. As your attendees leave the venue to prepare for the post-conference bash at the end of the night, you feel a huge sense of relief as another successful event has passed. But what exactly does “successful” mean? Just because the physical event has come and gone, there ain’t no rest for the wicked – aka you, dear EventProf. The next step is to assess your event performance and ROI so that you can gain insight into how your event affected the business as a whole.

What’s the best way to measure ROI, you may ask? Stephanie Harris, Director of Global Marketing @ American Express Meetings & Events notes that with “clear objectives, keen observation, and applied technology you can absolutely measure the information you need to.” Today’s population spends an average of 2.8 hours a day on a mobile device – more than half of which is spent on social media (1.7 hours!). An interactive app will allow you to turn this distraction into engagement, consequently providing you with data to help measure the performance of your event.

Things to consider in your post-event assessment:

1. Attendee and Sponsor Sentiment – Turn participants’ smiles into a metric that can be imported into your marketing CRM

The traditional method of collecting participants’ opinions involves email blasting surveys to attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors after the event is over. Although we’re saving trees, it’s safe to say that most people don’t want to bother with these nuances post-event which makes collecting feedback difficult. In fact, the average response rate to post-event surveys is low – ranging between 5%-26%.

So what’s an effective way to gauge which content, speakers, and sessions resonated with the participants of your event? By using in-app live polling and surveys after each speaker or session, you can track attendee sentiment in real-time while the content is fresh in their minds. Furthermore, use bookmarking as a means to track session popularity, and have participants rate each session after attending. For example, Katie Vaudt, Marketing Manager at InsideView, was able to move a session at their event into a larger room after recognizing the session’s growing popularity based on app data showing an increased number of session bookmarks.

2. Attendee Retention – Measure attendee sentiment and engagement levels to predict return rate for the next event.

Attendee and sponsorship registration fees generate revenue towards your team’s event spend, but does your team have a means to predict whether or not your attendees and sponsors will return next year? It’s important to understand the reason behind their attendance so that you can keep them coming back.

So how can you keep tabs on participants’ ROI? Monitoring how many sessions were bookmarked, the number of 1:1 meetings scheduled, as well as the amount of user interactions recorded through direct messaging can give you deeper insight into how your participants are building relationships at your event in real time. 

3. Sponsors and exhibitor retention – Similarly, gauge sponsors and exhibitors’ sentiment to predict next year’s returnees

Exhibitors are constantly looking for ways to connect with more buyers to make their attendance worthwhile. Unfortunately, many of these interactions are left up to chance and exhibitors are left hoping and praying for the correct prospect to approach their booth.

So how can you set up your sponsors and exhibitors for success? With targeted offers like that of DoubleDutch for Exhibitors, you can give them the ability to go outbound and take control of their own destiny. This will allow them the ability to send push notifications and promotions to specific groups of attendees. Leverage in-app promoted posts to increase sponsorship activation while helping them increase their own brand awareness at your event. Providing your exhibitors with these tools will keep them coming back!

4. Brand Awareness – Influencer marketing remains one of the most effective means of bringing in new business with 92% of consumers globally saying they trust recommendations from people they know above all other forms of advertising

Those attending your event are undoubtedly posting updates to their social media pages. However, this data is usually lost to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and are virtually untrackable unless the proper hashtags or geo-tags are used. Moreover, there are few resources available that help event marketers continue these discussions between each event - let alone track them.

So how will you know if industry influencers are talking about your event? Track social media mentions before, during and after the event by having your attendees export their posts to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook through your native app. You no longer surrender these data points to those external sites and their message resonates within the community surrounding the event. In fact, use the app as a means to promote your brand year-round amongst this community by regularly updating content to the app post-event. This gives you the power to facilitate conversations within this community months after the event, and possibly cross-promote other events you may be hosting throughout the year.

5. Pipeline Impact – Live events are deal accelerators. Use your events as a lead gen channel, as well as a means to warm up cold leads for yourself

Person-to-person interactions help your team warm up leads or even speed up the sales cycle with prospects who are present. However, event marketers often face the challenge of tracking these interactions – if they happen at all on the floor.

With an in-app lead scanning feature built into your app, you can capture leads on-site with attendees’ biographies directly imported into your CRM. Additionally, attendee session tracking helps you gain visibility as to what content and sessions resonated amongst prospects and customers who are present, so that your sales team can leverage this information to move these leads further down the sales funnel.

Remember, every tap within the app generates valuable insights for your team! Picking the right platform for your team is crucial, as “apps” have evolved into more of an event marketing ecosystem.

Learn more about how DoubleDutch has helped EventProfs assess event performance.

By DoubleDutch Insider | March 2, 2016

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