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The Power of You: Strategic Influence in Event Marketing

The Power of You: Strategic Influence in Event Marketing

In the Stone Age of event marketing, attendees were stuck squinting at name tags and making awkward small talk around the buffet table. They struggled to find common ground, and often found themselves floundering in conversation with people they had little in common with—when the perfect sales lead or business partner might have been just around the corner.

But now, armed with a powerful Live Engagement Event App, event organizers can instantly generate and turbocharge connections between all event stakeholders—and bypass that whole awkward “so, what do you do?” stage—by building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds of the event. This not only enables them to connect with the right people; it also helps them connect and engage with your event’s content—ensuring that the aforementioned buffet isn’t the highlight of the conference.

The best Live Engagement Marketers craft a seamless experience that fuses the physical and digital together, rather than making them compete or distract from each other. And just like in social media, the way to leverage your Live Engagement Event App is by playing up its social qualities—by allowing strategic influence to grow and prosper.

Here’s how to help each stakeholder make the most of your app:


Encourage your event speakers to craft live polls to collect real-time data that they can feed off during their presentations. Through the feedback, they can then tweak the content of the day to make sure it’s addressing attendees’ core needs. Presenters can also share their multimedia content within the app itself, and participate in post-presentation online Q&As to continue the conversation long after the event is over, and make the most of opportunities to engage with key influencers who will serve as advocates for their brand.


As you introduce the use of the app at the event, encourage attendees to like one another’s posts, to build community. One strategy we have deployed is to ask them to share an awesome tip they’ve learned in their career—some secret nugget of success. Then sit back and watch as the fabulous ideas surge into the activity feed. You can curate your content mix to spotlight quality content from engaged prospects, which will help to drive conversations and live connections.

In a Live Engagement App, attendees have the power to follow those they are drawn to, and instantly engage with them in the stream of conversation. By allowing attendees to do this, you are allowing strategic influence to grow organically, and encouraging attendees to post thoughtful content that will build their own influence. They can even reach out to arrange in-person meetings with one another, leveraging a digital connection to create a new friendship at the conference happy hour.


Train your event sponsors to drive engagement and build influence with the help of a Live Engagement App. Instead of simply waiting on the sidelines for attendees to stop by their booths, sponsors can establish a digital presence filled with engaging content to help entice new prospects, even before the event begins. They can provide special offers to encourage visits to their booth, and even use the App’s geolocation tools to send real-time notifications and offers for free demos or gifts when attendees are within their range. Sponsors can also use the App to easily follow up with new prospects using in-app conversation features, and then integrate the discussion history into their CRM.

Event Organizers

Event organizers can use a Live Engagement App to build influence and drive engagement throughout the course of the event. Ask for feedback from attendees, speakers, and sponsors, in the form of in-app polls, group discussions, or one-on-one conversations, and monitor in-app feedback to check on the pulse of your event. You can pay close attention to key influencers at your event to gauge their responses, and use those insights to help you build stronger relationships with people who will serve as powerful advocates for your brand. And once the event is over, use curated content and exclusive offers to help foster ongoing relationships with attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

When all these strategies are put into play, the effects can be breathtaking. It’s a rare collision of the digital and the physical—where networking can flourish, connections are made, and that glowing app on the phone, rather than being a distraction from the real world, becomes the very thing that helps build and nurture connections between the once-anonymous faces in the crowd.


By DoubleDutch Insider | September 1, 2016

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