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Recap & Reflection on StorySalon Phoenix

Last week we launched our first StorySalon event of 2019 at the MonOrchid Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2018 we hosted a few StorySalon events in conjunction with our Customer Advisory Board meetings or other external events, but this was the first of it’s kind as a stand-alone experience!

What is StorySalon?

StorySalons are uniquely curated experiences that bring executives and industry leaders in marketing, events, media and more together. The night is designed to break-down the uncomfortable barriers that typically exist in a networking environment from the moment someone enters to the moment to the moment they leave, and thereafter.


All guests are assigned hosts that guide them through their evening, and introduce them to others they may want to speak with.

There are two major facilitated parts to StorySalon:

  • A storytelling competition where guests hear raw stories from their peers and use our mobile technology to live-score by throwing “hearts” their way in moments of the story that they love. Hearts are tallied, and a winner is announced!

  • A “Magic Hour” of speed-networking. Magic Hour allows guests to pre-select conversations they want to have in their mobile app and then pair up with other individuals who want to have that conversation so that they come to the event knowing they will have at least 6 meaningful conversations.


As with launching any new event program, it was a learning experience for all involved and there are improvements we’re making moving forward. But, we’re so happy to say that the feedback we’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  

What guests have to say...

“Story Salon will create the change we all need!  Good luck on your 50 city tour.”

-Rachel Mushahwar, General Manager, Head of Americas Industries (Government, Enterprise, and Cloud) at Intel


“Please have another. By far it was the best networking event I’ve ever attended. The way it was structured to get people to talk to one another based on topics they choose and the storytelling with the voting was phenomenal.”

-Tony Benedict, Board Member & Executive


“The story format was incredible and the rating system is a gem. Awesome stuff.”

-Luke Denmon, Senior Vice President of the Technology Solutions Practice at Colliers International


“Thank you for such a uniquely memorable experience last night with your team, and for connecting us with other like minded people! You guys did a truly amazing job! I can’t rave enough about the event, how well the flow went, and how effortless it was to get to a personable level with people.”

-Melinda Ortiz, Tactical Marketing Manager at ON Semiconductor

“I am truly moved by everything your organization stands for, does, and values. You've truly got something special that you're building.”

-Tim Otis, Consumer Brand Manager at Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK

“I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the StorySalon. It was honestly the BEST networking event I have ever been to. My colleague and I are talking about traveling to another event in a fun location. I'm still in awe of how technology merged with real-life socializing... brilliant!”

-Brooke Marmaro, Talent at Charles Schwab


Using our technology to bring this experience to life

One thing we wanted to keep in mind throughout the evening is this idea that technology can make face-to-face experiences better. By better, we mean that technology at events should always aim to facilitate human connection and not detract from it. We’re on the cutting-edge of this idea and StorySalons are our proof-of-concept to the industry.

StorySalons also help us make our products better; we are living in the event manager’s shoes everyday as we plan, implement and execute on this program.  We learn what works, what doesn’t, and what could use improvement. We’re also able to test features that we want to release to our customers in a live setting!

We can’t wait to take StorySalon on the road and bring meaningful conversation, magical stories, and opportunities to connect to more cities globally. This week we say “Hello New York!”


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By Kayla Tarantino | 22 January, 2019

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