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The Rise of the App Champion

The Rise of the App Champion

A major evolution is occurring in the events industry. Marketers have tapped into a powerful force that resides in the bags and hands of most of the people arriving at their events: their mobile phones. The Live Engagement App is downloaded onto a smartphone and becomes a digital channel for communication; it’s a way to bring the greatest powers of digital marketing directly into the live event experience. This is called Live Engagement Marketing and its appearance in the field has ushered in a new and critical job title: the App Champion.

Your App Champion is the human force behind the Live Engagement App, orchestrating its powers, curating its content, driving connections, and swooping in to answer queries and fast-track sales processes. While the rest of your team is out on the floor and on the stage, the App Champion is interfacing between the physical and digital spheres, managing everything through the Live Engagement Studio in real-time while stepping in to personally respond to questions and concerns.

Here are the crucial skills and responsibilities you’ll need in your own App Champion:

Strategizing the App Experience

  • The App Champion is a single person dedicated to app strategy, implementation, and execution. She ensures that the app isn’t simply an afterthought but an integrated part of the event strategy from start to finish, including content, the physical event experience, and more.
  • She is involved in strategic planning meetings with the event organizers and entire marketing team (Event Marketer, Content Marketer, Email Marketer, Demand Generation Team). In these meetings, her role is to represent the app in the event strategy.
  • In this way, she collaborates with the event organizers and marketing team to ensure that the app content and features align with the event’s goals and support the event’s messaging and themes. She also provides input on how the app can be leveraged to push forward the business outcomes (whether sales, lead generation, education, or retention).

Orchestrating the Event Experience

  • The App Champion is responsible for ensuring attendees have a positive and seamless experience throughout (pre, during, and post event). This includes making sure attendees have the right information and tools they need at the right time, such as content/agenda and messaging/networking tools.
  • She must be available at the event so that she can closely coordinate with the event organizer and MC throughout the event.
  • She is responsible for informing attendees of changes on the fly using real-time communication tools on the app, such as updating the agenda, changing speakers, creating promoted posts and push notifications.
  • During the event, she can surface data and trends from the Live Engagement Performance Manager dashboard to the rest of the team. For example, the MC can leverage top hashtag or topics from the dashboard to influence onstage content.
  • Post-event, she holds the key to the data analytics and signals collected in the app. She is responsible for distilling the data and providing recommendations to measure the success of the event, optimizing future events, and offering suggestions on relevant attendee follow-up.

Training and Troubleshooting

The App Champion should help attendees understand how to use and make the most of the app, and solve any problems that may arise. Position your Champion in a booth right by the event entrance, where everyone can learn how to download the app onto their phones (if they haven’t already done so prior to the event). She can field questions, troubleshoot, and offer training in getting everyone started and up-to-speed so that they’ll be empowered to use the app to its maximum potential over the course of the event.

Community Management

You may already have a community manager to facilitate communication across your social channels—your App Champion can play the same role when it comes to navigating the digital channels of your live event. Your Champion is ever-present in the virtual world of the app, kicking off ice-breaking conversations in the forums, connecting the right people, and sending out updates. Her job is to keep conversations flowing and help to make the channel feel authentically two-way: it’s a real conversation with a real human being on the other side.

Conflict Resolution

In the past, you had no real way of knowing what issues attendees ran into at your events. If you were lucky, they would find a staff member and voice their questions or concerns aloud in real-time. But all too often, you’d only hear about the issues after the event had ended. The Live Engagement App has completely changed this. Is the background music during the networking session so loud that you can’t hear yourself, never mind anyone else, speak? Your App Champion will alert the sound engineer. Now, attendees have an approachable channel where they can easily convey their concerns. Better than that, the App Champion can proactively fix issues before they flare up—such as sending an upset attendee a private message and resolving an issue before other attendees know anything about it.

Sales Enablement

A Live Engagement App can also help your App Champion tap into product interest, even among participants who haven’t made the effort to contact your sales team. Perhaps they have been electrified by the energy and vision of your product or service, but now they are scratching their head and wanting to know how they can get started. They’ve moved down to the bottom of the sales funnel and now is the time to capture their interest.

With a mere tap of the phone, the App Champion can connect these attendees with the right team members. You only have a small window of time to capture the prospect’s interest and the App Champion makes your ability to ride this momentum effortless. Perhaps they need to meet a product manager. Or they need to sit down with a success manager to hash out a plan and learn about best practices. Whenever a question arises on the app, the App Champion’s job is to swiftly set up the synchronistic next step. This has a fantastic impact on sales and lead generation.

Long before your event has begun, you must identify this heroic team member. Give her the tools she needs and run her through the appropriate training. When you unleash your App Champion in a live context, she’ll bring everything to the next level.

By DoubleDutch Insider | July 28, 2016

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