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Ice Breaker Espionage: The Only Way to Start Your Next Event

DoubleDutch powers thousands of events for our clients, but we have our own events as well, like our annual holiday party. Last December, while our team was securing locations, food, and drinks, our Engineering Manager - Adam Liechty - was on a secret mission to add a little twist to the party. 

Mission Critical
As the DoubleDutch team arrived at the holiday party, we found a new section in our event app titled, “Ice Breaker Espionage.” Adam had created a game that pitted DoubleDutchers against one another in an effort to be the last person standing.

Target Acquired@2x.png           Elimination Method@2x.png

We were instantly hooked, working hard during the event to eliminate each other from the game throughout the course of the party. The interactions the ice breaker feature created amongst the attendees were truly unique. The next day the entire team huddled around the lunch table breaking down various spy strategies and predicting who might be crowned the winner at the Phoenix and Amsterdam holiday parties that weekend. 

Ice Breaker Espionage was such a hit at our event, we realized attendees at any event would find the same joy. Whether it’s thousand of attendees or a select group, Ice Breaker Espionage is quick to set up and easy to play. 

From the CMS, the event organizer can quickly add attendees to the game and select Admins to help facilitate the game. Once all the attendees interested in playing have been selected, one of the Admins starts the game. 


Let the Games Begin

When a player is eliminated, the victorious agent scans the eliminated agent’s secret (QR) code, and the leaderboard is updated. Players can monitor what’s happening in the game via the Leaderboard and Mission Updates, and the game continues until there is only one agent remaining.

Ice Breaker Espionage is a great way to add some fun to your event and increase engagement. Give it a try at your next event and see which of your attendees is the top secret agent! 

Learn How To Use Ice Breaker Espionage

 Ice Breaker Espionage is one of the many free features built on the DoubleDutch Developer Platform and is accessible on app version 7.15 or greater. Do you have a great idea to bring the power of the digital world to physical events? Build an extension with the DoubleDutch Developer Kit.

By Will Munce | 20 March, 2018

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