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StorySalon London: Our Best One Yet

When we were planning our event schedule, the team knew we wanted to debut a StorySalon event in Europe, and there was no better place to start than London, UK. So, how did it go? In one word – BRILLIANT!

The room, which was filled with diverse personalities and cultures, was a true reflection of the global event community. It was a pleasant and necessary reminder that no matter where you come from, there's always a possibility that the next valuable connection can be made in unsuspecting places.

As the event kicked off, the excitement and buzz of the stories began to shift the mood of the room – stories of loss, of perseverance, and self-discovery drew the attention of the crowd.


Our Live Scoring feature has evolved to connect each audience member to the speaker in an intimate and personal way by allowing them to send hearts. Literally, THOUSANDS of hearts were shared that night!

It's not just hearts that can be sent, any emoji can be used based on the vibe of your event. For StorySalons, it's love all the way down!

The thought-provoking stories would eventually set the stage for deep, meaningful connections powered by Magic Hour. For those still new to it, Magic Hour is our way to break down barriers, eliminate small talk, and ensure you have six meaningful conversations about topics you care about.

Topics ranged from things like "Are you living your dream?" to "How has your outlook on success changed through your career?"

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We heard from attendees that this was one of the best events they've been to and that they were fully taken aback by "the one-on-one, deep conversations that were facilitated by Magic Hour."

*sheds a tear*

StorySalons are a labor of love, and they are our way of showcasing not just the DoubleDutch technology, but more importantly, the DoubleDutchers themselves! The events industry is hyper-personal and heavily relationship-based. I've learned you have to have a personal connection with the people you want to work with, and that rings especially true here. StorySalons are our way of showing what we do AND who we are.

I'll end with one more testimonial, one that actually brought a tear to my eye. This embodies everything we're trying to accomplish:

"I love the real stories! I love the atmosphere and personal touch which you guys created. I love the fact that you care and listen to people. I love that you are super open. Love your technology as well."

– Paulina Wasiak, Global Digital Marketing, Euromoney Institutional Investor


Thank you to our storytellers and to our guests! You made this event truly magical.



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By Taylor McLoughlin | 28 February, 2019

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